Samhain Season Blue Moon Magick (Explained)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Greetings and well met my wonderful witchy friends! My name is Naia Moonbrook and I am the writer for a lovely little site called The Mystic Corner where I tend to dream up all sorts of magickal spells and easy guides to help out my fellow witches or pagans of all creeds and kinds no matter if they are brand new to the craft or a seasoned professional in their own right – my door is always open to those who seek to learn more and to explore!

Now then! How many of you are incredibly excited for this Samhain Season’s Blue Moon? I know I am! Of course, as I am sure most, if not all, of you are aware, Samhain (or as it is more commonly known in the mundane realm: Halloween) is the time of year when the “Veil Between Worlds” is at its very thinnest and when magick from all of the realms tends to bleed through to our own. Note that I referred to it as the “veil between worlds” and not simply the veil between the living and the dead. This is because on this very special night, the magickal barrier of pure energy that exists between our own realm and that of the others – whether they be of the dead, the fae, or some otherworldly cosmic denizens – begins to flicker and fade.  It is during these few magickal moments that the least sensitive of us and even some non-believers are able to sense or even catch a glimpse what lies in the realms beyond!

If you are interested in learning a bit more about Samhain (the Witch’s New Year) as well as a couple of my very own favourite Samhain celebrations, feel free to check out my website themysticcorner.com where I will be uploading a very special witchy guide to the wonders of this magickal season very soon!

Now, onto the Blue Moon! But, wait a minute…

What even IS a Blue Moon anyway??

Well,  to put it simply, “Blue Moon” is the name that is given to a full moon which occurs within the same lunation or lunar cycle (about 28-29 days) as another. Basically, if you have two full moons within the same calendar month, the second one is called a Blue Moon. Of course, this sort of astrological occurrence is fairly rare and only really takes place about once every two to three years or so.  However, while rare, these modern moons are not where the term “Blue Moon” originated from. You see, unlike today’s blue moons which do not actually possess any sort of blue colouration, the “blue moons” of old surprisingly did! That’s right! The moon was actually blue! Okay, well, technically, it only appeared to be blue but still! Can you imagine it? Looking up to the sky at just the right moment, under just the right conditions, and seeing the moon’s lovely full face shining back down at you with a tremendous blue hue? – Purely Magickal!


Of course, we now know that this incredibly rare celestial phenomenon is due to a culmination of very specific and in and of themselves very rare atmospheric events each overlapping to form “the perfect storm” for such a “true blue moon” to appear. In short, a large volcanic eruption made of just the right stuff must release just the right amount of reddish dust into the atmosphere at just the right moment and in just the right way so as to scatter the moon’s usual silvery rays into red light which when viewed in the perfect location and through the perfect density of dust, transforms the moon’s shining silver face into a beautiful blue moon right before your very eyes! Now THAT is what I call a truly rare and magickal event!

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Samhain Season Blue Moon Magick pin

3 Wonderfully Witchy Ways to Celebrate this Samhain Season’s, Blue Moon:

Blue Moon Magic

1.) Make Blue Moon Water – Perhaps one of my all-time favourite ways to truly capture all of the amazing celestial energy from a full moon is to make a bottle of moon water!  And what could be more magickal than moon water from a Blue Moon with all of its incredible stores of cosmic energy just waiting to be tapped into and infused into your next spell or potion!

Bonus Tip: Try freezing your Blue Moon water in individual portions or ice cubes for later use in your spellwork and potion crafting! I personally love using a simple silicone moon mold like this one just to add that extra little touch of moon magick!

2.) Charge Your Favourite Crystals and Tools – It is no magickal secret that moonlight, particularly full moonlight, can be an incredibly useful and powerful ally when cleansing and charging your favourite crystals, stones, and ritual tools. But, did you know that a Blue Moon possesses within it some of the most potent cosmic energy? This is because a Blue Moon can hold the power of two full moons in one! Now that is some powerful moon mojo!  In fact, the light of a Blue Moon is filled with such highly potent and magickal energies that it is absolutely sure to leave your chosen stones or magickal materials fully supercharged and positively brimming with potential and energy for your next big ritual or spell casting!

3.) Go Camping and/or Build a Bonfire! – With the “veil between worlds” at its thinnest on this night, the forest just seems to come alive with all of the spirits and sprites of the woodlands!  It is such a magickal time of year, when the very air seems to hum with spiritual energy all around us and to top it off, the weather is positively perfect for some spooky camping and a toasty bonfire! Try spending the night beneath the light of the Blue Moon and in the company of the natural world. Perform a Samhain lantern ritual to honour your ancestors, tell some spooky ghost stories around the bonfire, or go foraging for spell ingredients that have been kissed and blessed by the light of this incredible magick moon!  Or maybe just honour the simple things – the quiet things – and stretch out underneath the starry sky.  Relax, breathe in and out deeply, slowly,  and just be.

However you decide to celebrate it, I hope that you have an amazing and safe Samhain season and I wish you all of the Blue Moon’s blessings and more!

Until next time!
Clear Skies & Bright Moons, my friends,

Naia Moonbrook

Naia Moonbrook

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