How To Make A Love Potion For Your Crush? (Ingredients)


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Love potions are some of the most coveted potions in witchcraft. Songs have been written about them. Entire movie plots revolve around them. And some companies have even named products after them! In this article, we will be exploring how to make a love potion for your crush as well as the fundamentals of potion-making and potion safety!

What Are Potions?

In the world of Magick, the term “potion” refers to a mixture or concoction of different magickal liquids that are then used to cast a spell. Potions are often meant to be drunk, but it is also possible to create magick potions that can be used in your ritual bath, to anoint objects on your altar, to diffuse into the air, or to rub on your body. Some potions are even meant to be brewed, used, and then discarded carefully and in a specific way for certain magickal reasons or spells. In cases such as this, the entire spell was typically cast during the actual potion-making process and the mixture is simply the byproduct and thus no longer needed.


You can make a magick potion with any kind of liquid—drinking water, fruit juice, herbal tea, or even with things like ocean water, human sweat, or morning dew. If you don’t mind being a bit unconventional, some witches believe that you can even create potions from common drinks such as margaritas or cans of soda! Potion-making can be quite experimental, so don’t be afraid to make up your own recipes.  That being said, potion-making can also become incredibly dangerous if you do not possess intimate knowledge about each and every magickal ingredient that you plan to use, especially when brewing potions that are meant to be taken internally or drunk. Do your research! And if you aren’t sure about something either brew nothing or ask a professional for help!

Are Potions Safe?

Are Potions Safe? Well, for starters, unless you have some kind of allergy to any of the ingredients, both of the love potion recipes that I have included in this article are perfectly safe for the novice witch to make (although not all of them are meant for drinking and their potency and thus effectiveness will highly depend on your own skill level in potion-making and magick).

Remember, if you choose to brew your own potions, please make 100% sure that you research your ingredients—all of them! Herbs, oils, and even certain crystals can be extremely dangerous and toxic when used improperly or exposed to certain substances and can cause bodily harm, damage to your magical tools, spell backfires, and in some rare cases even death. Also, if you are searching around online for different potion recipes, please make sure that you look into the safety of all of those ingredients as well! Just because someone has shared it online doesn’t mean it’s safe. When in doubt, stick to respectable websites with responsible professionals in the witchy community and always do your homework! If a website has a lot of conflicting information or the author is encouraging their readers to do harm or cast harmful spells then it is a safe bet they aren’t someone you want to trust with your health – or your magick.

Although potion-making can be a bit scary at first with all of its potential side-effects, in the proper hands of a well-seasoned witch, and for those who take things slow and truly learn the craft, brewing your own magickal potions can be an invaluable addition and powerful boost to your witch and spellcraft!

How To Brew A Safe Love Potion:

If you make a love potion intending to make someone love you forever, you will more than likely run into some serious difficulties if you ever decide that you no longer wish to be in that relationship. After all, you don’t want to end up with a stalker do you? This is why our magickal intent is especially important when it comes to love spells and thus love potions. To help you out, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when you are setting your magickal intention for a love potion.

  • Consider keeping your love intention extremely general. You may not want to focus on a specific person, just in case you discover that he or she is wrong for you later on down the road. I personally don’t like to limit the ways the universe (or whatever power you use in your witchcraft) can deliver my results. Sometimes magick will throw something totally unexpected and way better than could have imagined at you!
  • Create a reversal spell or candle for the love magick before you brew your Keep everything that you need to reverse the spell on hand because feelings, like all energy, can shift quickly!
  • Use intentions that are bound by time, such as a potion or spell that is effective for a single lunar cycle. This will give you more control over the magickal effects and you can always choose to perform the spell again for the next lunar cycle if you wish to renew its power. If you’re not happy with the results however, this practice will grant you the opportunity you need to let the magick run its course and be finished with it.
  • You might also want to perform love magick with intentions of bringing about certain romantic situations rather than attempting to conjure up actual love itself. You can easily make a potion to get someone, like your crush, to think of you. You can even brew a potion to get someone to go on a date with you, or a potion to increase any romantic feelings that are already shared between the both of you. One the other hand, manifesting true powerful love from seemingly thin air is a rather tricky business that is best left to we more seasoned professionals and the truly gifted.

How To Brew A Love Potion For Your Crush:

Alright! So now that you know what a magick potion is and have given a bit of thought to safety and intentions it’s time to get started brewing up your very own magickal love potions! Here are two love potion recipes that are relatively safe, simple, and powerful for capturing the heart of your crush, strengthening your love, or attracting a new lover into your life. Enjoy!

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Written In The Stars Lovers Potion

Here’s an astrologically based love potion that taps into the immense celestial power of the stars. It is best used between two people who are already in a relationship because it is designed to increase the love that already exists between the two of you.

You’ll need to know your lover’s birth date because you will be working with your lover’s sun sign more commonly known as their “zodiac sign”. The energies in the sky are constantly shifting, so the timing of this potion is the most critical part.

Suggested Magickal Intention: “I call on the power of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. As my love and passion for my partner increases, my partner’s love and passion for me matches that growth.”

Magickal Materials:

  • Moon Water
  • A Glass Potion Bottle or Jar
  • A Small Rose Quartz
  • A Small Clear Quartz
  • A Stick of Cinnamon or 2-3 Pieces of Cinnamon Bark

Magickal Method:

Step One: Go online or refer to the witches or farmers almanac and look up what nights of the lunar phase the moon will pass through your lover’s sun sign also commonly referred to as their “zodiac sign”. Mark those nights on your calendar. The moon will spend at least a couple of nights in every zodiac/sun sign over the course of a month, so you can keep this potion spell going month after month if you so desire.

Step Two: On the day of your spell, fill a glass jar or potion bottle with water and set it outside or on your windowsill to be charged by the warmth of the sun’s rays. As you do this, speak your truth aloud to activate your water and transform it into a potion of magickal intent. Use the intention provided above or speak from the heart to create your very own!

Step Three: Using a cinnamon stick or a few gathered pieces of cinnamon bark, draw the zodiac symbol of your lover’s sun sign on the water’s surface. (If you don’t know what the symbol looks like, you can easily look the symbol up online or, if you must, you could try writing out your lover’s full name instead.)

Step Four: Place a small clear quartz crystal in the sun water jar to amplify the power of your spell as you send out your true feelings to your lover and into the universe.

Step Five: Begin stirring your love potion eight times in a widdershins or counterclockwise motion. Eight is a number commonly associated in the magickal world with the planet Venus as well as with the powerful love goddess who shares the same name and widdershins or counterclockwise movement is what will lend your magickal love potion its “projecting” energy flow as you attempt to send your ever-growing love out into the universe and to your lover’s heart.

Step Six: Later that evening, when the moon is passing through your lover’s zodiac sun sign, set the sun water jar out under the moonlight. Remove the clear quartz crystal. Using the opposite end of the cinnamon stick or gathered cinnamon bark, draw the symbol of your own zodiac sun sign onto the surface of the water. (Again, if you are in need of an alternative you may try using your full name instead.)

Step Seven: Now gently place a small rose quartz crystal into the jar to further raise the vibrational energy and gently stir the potion eight more times this time in a deosil or clockwise motion. This will allow you to shift the potions magickal energy and thus its purpose from a projecting flow to that of an attracting one. As your love potion slowly shifts under the light of the moon from a sun crystal elixir to a moon crystal elixir, speak your intention aloud once more and close your eyes as you visualize yourself opening up your heart to receive all of the tender loving feelings that your lover holds for you in their own.

Step Eight: Repeat this process with the sun and the moon until the moon has completely moved away from your lover’s zodiac sun sign.

Final Note: Store your crystal elixir, or in this case your love potion, under your bed in the very middle between where you both sleep if at all possible. The potion will be effective until the next time the moon passes through your lover’s sign.

How To Make A Love Potion For Your Crush by

Think Of Me Potion

This indulgent love potion uses the power of tarot cards and crystals to make your secret crush notice you. A great potion for the lovelorn witch with a crush and for ensuring that you are always on their mind. This potion is can also be the perfect pastime for an evening when you are feeling lonely and in the mood for a little romance.

Magickal Materials:

  • Red Coloured Fruit Juice (cranberry, pomegranate, cherry juice, or even red wine are all great options!)
  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • A Sprig of Sage
  • Tarot Cards: The Eight of Wands, The Queen of Cups, and The King of Cups
  • Mood Music (optional)

Magickal Method:

Step One: Late in the evening when you are sure that the rest of the world should be sleeping, quietly put on some of your favourite soft music – whatever usually gets you into the mood for a little romance then pour yourself a glass of juice or red wine and take a moment to just relax. After a few moments, slowly add in your clean, polished crystals, amethyst to open the energetic channels between you and your crush, rose quartz to make sure this person thinks of you fondly, clear quartz to strengthen your spell so that it reaches both your crush’s heart and their mind.

Step Two: Using your sprig of fresh sage begin to stir your potion in a widdershins or counterclockwise potion to project your own desires. As you slowly stir, speak your incantation aloud while visualizing your crush in your mind, focusing on your spell’s intention and on their every detail until you see them clearly. The use of Sage will help you to connect psychically to this person and will give you a channel to gently nudge the thoughts of you into their mind and dreams.

Suggested Incantation:

“I drink this love potion made so fine,

and plant thoughts in (person’s name)’s mind of my own design.”

Step Three: Then state the thoughts you’d like this person to have using the person’s name such as, Shaun thinks about me and all the fun we had on our date last week or “Kyle notices me at school and thinks about how pretty I am.”  You can also add a desired action like, “Dan thinks of me fondly and sends me a text.” The key here is to be specific and use restraint. You need to be careful. You do not want to overdo it and end up with an unhealthy relationship or worse, an obsession.

Step Four: Once your love potion is fully activated, remove your crystals from the elixir and respectfully discard the sprig of sage.

Step Five: Arrange your tarot cards on your altar or table so that they form a triangle shape. The King and Queen of Cups should be placed upright leaning towards one another, representing both you and your crush. (If you don’t feel a strong connection to the suggested cards, feel free to choose whichever tarot cards best represent you and the person you’re hoping to enchant. Any cards from the cups suit will work wonderfully since cups are linked to emotions, relationships, overflowing and abundance (such as your feelings for this person) as well as the fact that you are using a literal cup for this potion. The Magician, the Emperor, the High Priestess, and the Empress may also be powerful choices for this potion spell.)

The Eight of Wands will add speed to your spell. Place this card along the bottom to form the foundation of the triangle, lying horizontally to connect the other two cards.

Step Six: Carefully place your glass in the center of the triangle whenever you are not sipping from it. Truly savour your potion as you drink and continue to think about your crush, how you feel about them, and how you wish for them to feel about you until your glass is completely empty.

Final Note: Repeat this potion spell as often as if necessary until your connection to your crush is solid and they not only notice you but ask you out as well or until whatever your goal you set for this spell has been met.

So there you have it! How to brew a love potion for your crush and a couple of basic recipes for you to attempt on your own!

Feeling nervous about giving it a shot? Can’t seem to find that magickal ingredient you need? Or maybe you’re just really worried that you’ll mess up or that it just won’t work at all?

Here at the Mystic Corner, I try to craft beginner-friendly spells and simple guides in order to help all sorts of baby witches and start-up spell casters just like you to embrace their own power and to further their magickal journey… However, I also know from experience, that real magick can be extremely overwhelming at first and even dangerous when left in the hands of the inexperienced… That is why I have decided to begin offering my own magickal assistance in helping you to manifest your dreams! When you order a spell or ritual from me you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that your wish is being cast by an experienced, professional witch, who uses only the best quality magickal ingredients, unique and rare spell materials, truly time tested methods and the sort careful and powerful energy that can only come from years of experience and results! Whether I’m casting for myself, for my family, or for one of my clients, I will always choose to boost every spell and perform every ritual with only the finest natural ingredients and magickal methods including my intimate working relationship with both the gods, goddesses, and spirits who have served to guide, protect, and to teach me throughout all of my many years of successful witchcraft and spiritual exploration!

So go ahead! Give these love potions a try! Cast your spells and make some magick! Just know that I’ve got your back, and a little pointy hat, if you decide that you need that extra special sprinkling of magickal witchy dust!

Until Next Time!
Clear Skies & Bright Moons,

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