How To Know If You Are Cursed? (How To Get Rid Of It?)


by Naia Moonbrook


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“Do you think I could be cursed?” As a professional witch and active witchy community member, you wouldn’t believe how often I get asked this question by my clients, friends, family members, and even a couple of my fellow witches! In spite of all the hard work that we modern witches are doing to expose and educate the public about all of the benefits and self-fulfilment that can be achieved through “white” (or benevolent) magick, the fact still sadly remains that there are some witches out there, as with any other group of people, who practice and revel in the darker more destructive forms of magick.

“Am I cursed?” To those who ask me this question I have but one answer, “Probably not, but maybe.” I know, I know, it’s not exactly what you want to hear but the fact of the matter is that real, true, powerful magick is difficult and typically any witch who is adept enough to perform successfully such harmful magicks is also usually adept enough to know better! But not everyone is perfect, and neither is every witch. So while there is a fair chance that you may not actually be cursed, hexed, crossed, jinxed, spellbound, or bewitched, there is still a decent chance that you could be! And wouldn’t you too want to know if you were? It’s a perfectly reasonable question after all. To want to know when you have been made the unwitting subject of a magick spell, especially if that spell is a harmful or coercive one. If you don’t know about the spell, how else are you meant to break free or to counter it? (At least specifically). Let’s find out the signs that will help you know if you are cursed.

Are Curses Real?

As Witches, we believe that certain things in this life are undoubtedly true such as the existence of powerful magick and the degree of influence that our magick can offer us to effect change in our daily lives and the outside world. That being said, if you have the power and energy to affect others through your magick, then it’s only logical that other people have that same power as well. And maybe sometimes they choose to exercise it. Maybe even on you!

How To Know If You Are Cursed?

It’s a legitimate question. It’s just not an easy one to answer. Sadly, there is no one definitive magickal test that you can take to determine if there is magick present or not present in your life much less whether or not that magick means you ill will or even if it is simply your own magickal energy that surrounds you every day. The best I can hope to do is to offer you a list of the more common signs and omens that typically indicate that some form of manipulative magick may be at work in your life or at the very least, that may mean you are more at risk of becoming the target of a magick spell whether harmful or otherwise.

Please bear in mind that while the last thing I want to do is to incite panic or to kick off some sort of whacky witch hunt, I want you to feel prepared and to know the signs of certain magicks at work and a couple of ways that you can minimize your risks of “contracting a curse” or being the target of a spell so here’s a list I’ve compiled just for you. I hope it helps!

Symptoms of a Curse & Signs You Might Be at Risk:

A Risk: You have a lot of friends, enemies, or even “frenemies” who like to dabble in witchcraft – especially if they tend to favour the darker side of magick.

Why is this a Risk? Depending on your age group and location, you may know or at least come into contact with dozens of witches and other magick users. This is a risk due to the simple law of exposure. The more magickal people you have in your social circles, the more probability will approach certainty that someone has, at some point, cast some sort of spell involving you. Typically, this is not that big of a deal. In the magick community, while it is considered ill-mannered to cast a spell or perform a ritual where not all participants are fully made aware of the casting, it is usually harmless and therefore simply accepted – the way that you tend to accept the fact that someone somewhere has probably talked trash about you behind your back or that someone has said a prayer for you without you knowing – it’s the same sort of thing.

What To Do: Try to remember that just because someone is a witch (or practices magick) doesn’t mean that they possess the skill level or even the motivation to influence you in a negative way. As I said before, the witch who is adept enough to successfully perform harmful magick is also usually adept enough to know better.

A Symptom: You seem to be on a string of bad luck that just will not end no matter what you do!

How is this a Symptom? In the magickal traditions of Hoodoo, this sort of unnatural continuous run of bad luck is referred to as being “crossed.” It is not just about having one really bad day—it’s more like one really bad day after another, after another, after another! No matter what you try to do, nothing seems to be going your way and underneath all of that growing frustration lies the nagging sensation that someone (or something) is out to get you!

What To Do: Traditional Hoodoo “uncrossing” rituals are typically designed to help you shake off all of that bad juju and to get your life back. Bad luck is not, in and of itself, a sign that you are under a curse. It could just be that the Goddess Fortuna or Lady Luck is well and truly pissed with you at the moment. (Try making an offering to appease her of milk, fresh honey, poppies and little sweet cakes that you shape into wheels – like the wheel of fortune.) It could even simply be that you have been sabotaging your own self whether with or without any magickal outside help. Try to relax and know that no matter what it is, in the end, “This Too Shall Pass” and brighter days lie ahead.

A Symptom: If you happen to notice any obviously ominous signs (think dead crows on your front lawn) or repetitive synchronicities it most likely suggests that a powerful curse is at work.

How is this a Symptom? As discussed above, magickally super charged bad luck can be relatively difficult to distinguish from regular old bad luck – at first. But as a dark spell or curse grows in power and in strength, all of the little cracks that it causes in your life will begin to manifest. If you pay attention to these omens, you may manage to not only realize the predicament that you are in before it is too late but also receive important clues as to the specific nature of the hex that was cast or even which direction it is coming from and who has cast it!

What To Do: For the most part, all you have to do is wait and ride it out. You see, while some cowardly witch might be able to place a hex on you without your knowledge, nothing is ever truly secret from the forces of the Universe. I think the Buddha said it best when he said, “Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon, and the truth.” The truth will always find its way to the surface and I think you will find that karma has a unique sense of humour when it comes to the misuse of magick. So do your best to recognize the signs if you think you might be the victim of a sinister spell. Work your own magick and try to counter it. Just know that in the end, if you have been hexed that wicked witch will get what is coming to them. Things we cast out onto others have a way of finding their way back to us – for better or for worse.

A Risk: You have noticed that a lot of your personal photos, belongings, or even your hair (yikes!) have been going missing.

Why is this a Risk? The simple fact of the matter is that many advanced spells, especially negative ones, often rely on the witch or caster having some sort of physical access to their spell’s specific intended target (or at least to their property) in order for the spell to manifest itself correctly or to take root in that target person’s life.

A photograph, a piece of jewellery, a lock of hair, nail clippings, scraps of clothing, or even certain bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, or – other (gross!) are all simple yet classic ingredients in targeted magick both good and bad. However, such ingredients are even more critical in hexing and dark manifestation, this is because the spell caster needs to make absolutely certain that their nasty magick sticks only to their intended target and that it will not miss its mark or potentially backfire. Alternatively, some witches may choose to cast a curse that requires them to bury or hide a spell component at the target’s home or workplace so be sure to keep an eye out for any shady characters skulking about on your property or in your office!

What To Do: Do your best to stay calm yet vigilant! Chances are if your stuff has gone missing it has simply been misplaced and will hopefully turn up with a bit of thorough searching. Try asking some friendly house Brownies for help using a “Lost Things Spell”.  However, if you do happen to catch someone trying to be sneaky and obtain your personal effects without your knowledge, be careful! They might just end up being a thief, or some sort of creep, or a creepy witch thief. Either way, remember to use your common sense if you confront them as well as a protection talisman or two!

A Symptom: You keep experiencing strange thoughts, visions, vivid dreams, and/or sporadic emotions that are not your own.

How is this a Symptom? There are forms of magick (as well as empathy/telepathy) that can have a strange effect on the mind. Are you experiencing any sudden thoughts, unusual urges, or intense feelings out of nowhere? If you are normally a pretty calm or grounded person, these sudden changes in behaviour could be a clue that someone is magickally messing with you.

What To Do: Negative magick can leave you feeling both physically drained and miserable. But so can a bunch of other, more mundane ailments. It is best to try to rule out other causes before settling on a psychic attack. To do this, try some simple breathing exercises or meditation to clear your mind of any distractions or worries and to take stock of your current energy levels and emotions. Do this on a regular basis to establish not only a healthy mental and spiritual habit but to also form a baseline that will allow you to determine if someone is messing with your energy the next time that you feel something may be out of sorts.

Word of Warning: You need to be very careful with this one my lovelies—many of these same experiences could be signs of a potentially serious mental illness and should never be ignored. If these thoughts, visions, dreams or anything else is telling you to hurt other people or yourself, please put down your spell candles and smudge sticks and get yourself to some professional help right away! Magick can be a powerful ally to protect us from our enemies as well as many illnesses but it should never be used as a sole substitute for any sort of professional help. Magickal alternatives can be a fantastic way to improve your health and your overall life but only when it is used correctly and in accordance with proper medical advice.

A Symptom: You sense the presence of someone else’s magick around you. You can’t stop thinking about or dreaming about a certain person.

How is this a Symptom? Dreaming about a person can be a magickal indicator that their energy is tangled up with your own. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that they have cast some sort of evil spell on you. Or even that they have practiced magick at all. Dreams can be triggered by our anxiety, worries, physical or emotional attraction, and even just our random thoughts. However, our dreams can also serve as the gateway to our subconscious mind and the seat of our psychic energy. If a particular person keeps showing up in them, especially in a negative or malicious role, there is a good chance that our psyche is trying to warn us of an intrusion to our headspace.

What To Do: There are a multitude of different ways we witches are able to work against and protect ourselves from invasive or coercive magicks. Such curses or dark magick tend to inevitably leave behind a sort of energetic snail trail that an experienced witch or practitioner is then able to follow back to the source of such an invasion. Once we know what we are up against we can then devise a means to protect ourselves from further attacks and even, in some cases, to completely reverse the original curse to send it and all of its nasty energy hurtling back from whence it came allowing the wicked witch who cast it in the first place to reap what they have sewn. If you suspect foul play, try scanning your body for energy strands or cords and other attachments that shouldn’t be there. You can even use a form of divination such as scrying to sniff out the origin of the disturbance. If all else fails, try casting a revealing spell to uncover secrets and to ask for the truth to come to be brought to light.

If You Think You’ve Been Cursed:

You can feel it. It is the most obvious, and yet probably the most effective way to truly tell if you are caught up in some sort of active evil spell. Negative energy has its own particular feeling almost like a nasty smell or horrible taste that you just can’t quite put your finger on. With a bit of experience and a lot of practice, you can teach yourself to recognize this sensation whenever negative energies are swirling about and even to determine where they are coming from.

For me personally, it can be difficult to describe but, most negative energies tend to manifest themselves as a powerful sensation of being watched or a sickening feeling hanging heavily in the air and a sudden almost knee-jerk reaction to want to run! I have been able to sense negative energies and even entities this way ever since I was a small child. It has taken me years of experience and honing my personal practice to learn to recognize the sensation for what it truly was and to conquer my instinctual aversion to the disgusting, sometimes frightening, energy so that I am able to help myself and others like me to fight against them,  to construct powerful wards, and to protect ourselves against any further psychic or magickal attacks.

That said, before you go letting fear or anger take you over, try calmly considering the answers to these three simple questions: 1. Is there someone I know with a reason to cast a spell on me? 2. Do they have the magickal interest or the ability/skill to do so? And, 3. Is it actually affecting me? Try to make sure that your answers to these questions are honest and that your assessment is motivated purely by factual evidence rather than by paranoia or distrust. Don’t forget! If you are truly cursed or hexed, your fear will only serve to strengthen its powerful hold on you so don’t give it that power or satisfaction!

So, if you determine that you are indeed being affected by someone else’s magick to your own detriment, remember that you do have options! You are NOT helpless! You have the ability to cut off any intrusive energy and to reclaim your own power. Protection, reversal, and binding spells are all clever ways that we witches can arm ourselves and counter any aggressive spells that are sent our way!

Each of these spell categories possesses subtle yet significant differences in both their intentions as well as their results, so consider carefully what it is you hope to accomplish, and any potential backlash, before choosing to retaliate. As I said before, whatever we cast out has a funny way of finding its way back to us whether for better or for worse so if you do feel that you are cursed at least you can take some comfort in the knowledge that harmful magick brings its own nasty symptoms and consequences to its sender sooner or later.

How To Know If You Are Cursed (how to get rid of it) by TheMystecCorner

Final Thoughts:

Want to know more about how to know if you are cursed? Need help performing a protection spell or hex removal? Believe that you have been cursed but can’t figure out where it is coming from and how to stop it? I can help you!

Here at the Mystic Corner, I have tried to craft beginner-friendly spells and simple guides in order to help all sorts of baby witches and people just like you to embrace their own power and to further their magickal journey… However, I also know from experience, that real magick can be extremely overwhelming at first and even dangerous when left in the hands of the inexperienced… That is why I have decided to begin offering my own magickal assistance in helping you to manifest your dreams whatever they may be! If you’ve found this article and taken the steps that I’ve listed above yet still believe that you have been made the victim of a spell, I encourage you to seek out experienced magickal help. It does not have to be from me, it could be a coven mate or magickally well-versed family member, just please remember that curse or hex removal is a very tricky business that requires a large amount of spiritual and magickal energy to undo. It can be dangerous or even completely ineffective if the type of hex is misdiagnosed and/or the wrong counterspell is chosen (even more so if a reversal or reflective spell is attempted).  Please, use your best judgment and just know that whatever you decide to do, I’ve got your back, and a little pointy hat, for if ever you decide that you need that extra little sprinkling of magickal witchy dust!

Until Next Time – May Lady Luck Favour You!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,

Naia Moonbrook


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