Beginner’s Guide: How to Cast a Spell? (Here’s How I Started)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Before we begin with this article on How to Cast a Spell for Beginners, it is important to note that power, energy, and therefore magick comes in a multitude of different forms in this vast universe of ours.

Because of this fact, it is vitally important that every baby witch or beginner spell caster should use extreme caution when performing certain spells for the first time and should always do their mystical “homework” and research, research, research! – before attempting certain types of high level or otherwise finicky spells such as those which seek to alter the will or life paths of others.

What is a Spell?

Fundamentally, at its very core, spells or spell-casting is the art of identifying, amplifying, and constructively directing your own cosmic energy in order to achieve a set goal or intention and thus effect a specific change in your own life or in the lives of other beings with whom you share some sort of connection.

In short, a spell can be any action that is performed with a specific magickal intention in mind; an incantation, meanwhile, is a spell that is created using certain words of power in order to better clarify or even amplify the desired outcome of the spell.

Our First Spells…

Often, when “baby witches” or those who are newly born into the craft, come to me for advice on where to begin in the art of spell casting, I ask them a set of very simple questions.

For instance, “Have you ever made a wish over birthday candles?” or “Have you ever tossed a lucky penny into a fountain?” “Have you ever brewed up a warm bowl of chicken soup to ease a friend or loved one’s discomfort in the hopes that they might return to good health?” “Or what about when you were in grade school? Did you ever doodle your crush’s name on a piece of paper over and over and then surround it with hearts and other symbols and sigils of love?”

White Candle Naia Moonbrook
My lovely white candle.

If the answer to any one of these questions is a “Yes”, then Congratulations! You have already cast your first spell! Perhaps even more than one.

You see, though such actions may seem to many to be simple and mundane, in actuality, each of these common practices have a place within the time-honored tradition that is spellcraft.

In fact, the only real difference between tossing a coin, brewing an infusion, blowing out some wishing candles, or scribbling your heart’s desires over and over again – is your intentional connection to the action.

Remember, my dears, that objects and rituals are just conduits for our innate power. Many objects themselves are not inherently magick, it is what WE choose to do with them – how WE use their natural energies to channel and add to our own that creates the magick and ultimately the changes that we seek.

And so as you begin this exciting new journey into the world of witchcraft and spellwork, never forget that your true power, YOUR Magick, comes from that spark within.

In the Beginning

When I was a young witch only just starting out on my own journey to magickal and spiritual enlightenment, I often found myself buried in books both magick and mundane and pretty much any other resources that I could find to get my hands on.

I wanted to learn!

Or rather, I needed to. When I felt the calling to join this life path, the cosmic pull was that of such strength that nearly every other thought was consumed with the metaphysical world and the ways of witches.

However, during all of my research, I quickly came to find that many of the spells and enchantments in my books consisted of complex rituals or incantations, expensive or rare ingredients, crystals and other components not so readily available at the local corner market in my home town.

Suddenly, I found myself filled with despair! How could I be a good witch if I couldn’t even find, much less afford, the biggest crystals, the rarest herbs, and the most colourful of Tarot decks?

And what’s more, I found myself still locked inside the proverbial “broom closet” and thus unable to simply take off into the light of a full moon night to perform some complicated ritual or spell all by myself…And yet still I felt the tug of my destiny.

I had to make this work! Sure enough, during that moment of desperation, that is when fate intervened.

That is when I met a lovely older woman who loved coffee, cats, and the occasional pointy hat. Her name was Marla and she quickly became my good friend and mentor. It was Marla who first taught me to look within for my greatest power and to respect and accept the aid of Nature and of the Elements.

I learned a lot from Marla, most of all that I did not need to own any fancy tools or to craft any crazy concoctions in order to create the magick that I already possessed within me – I simply needed to learn how to set it free.

Some Spells for You to Try

My advice to you is to do as I did and as many who have come before us both have done. To start small, to look inward, and to work to build up not only your power but your confidence as well.

And above all else – To Believe.

Now, without further ado, here are just a few beginner-friendly spells that you can try to help you hone your intuition and strengthen your magickal ability:

Elemental Protection – Home Cleansing Spell

Elemental Protection - Home Cleansing Spell

An easy magick recipe to cleanse one’s home of negativity or evil spirits.

Magickal Materials:

  • A Handful of Coarse Salt (such as sea salt, Epsom salt, etc)
  • A Broom

Magickal Method:

Sweep the floor with a regular broom so that it is physically clean before you begin this spiritual cleanse. (Make sure to pick any objects up off of the floor that might be in the way during your spell.)

Take a handful of coarse salt and place it in the center of the room.

Use your broom to carry the salt – sweeping and pushing it around the room as you repeat the following chant:

“As I sweep these crystals with my broom,
I send all spirits out of this room.
No negativity shall I abide,
only joy can here reside.”

When finished casting your spell, simply sweep up the salt and take it far from your home (I personally prefer to wash the used salt down the drain making sure to thank the elemental spirits of water for carrying it away for me.

Whatever you do, do not toss it out in the garden/yard as salt can have a damaging effect on grass and other plant life.

And do NOT eat it!

Not only has it been on the floor but it has also collected all of the evil and negative energies from within your home and you definitely do not want that stuff inside you!)

Beginners Guide How to Cast a Spell by The Mystic Corner

Self-Esteem Boosting Spell

Self-Esteem Boosting Spell

Magickal Materials:

  • A Mirror
  • A Pen or Pencil & Some Paper

Magickal Method:

In the evening, look into the mirror and truly gaze upon yourself. Do not focus on any one attribute for too long or give any energy to negative thoughts that you might have about your appearance.

Instead, really look at yourself and this incredible body that has served you and carried you through this life thus far.

Look into your eyes and watch as your eyes look back into you.

Now take the piece of paper and write down at least five things that you like about yourself, your achievements, or anything that you are proud of in your life. Be sure to begin each of the sentences with the words “I love…” Then place the paper under your pillow and go to sleep.

Continue this ritual every night for anywhere from three weeks to a full month, keeping each new sheet of paper tucked safely beneath your pillow.

Your spell is complete once you find that the reasons for loving yourself seem to come easier and easier whenever you try to think of new ones and you no longer feel any negativity about who you are or your worth.

Be sure to collect all of the sheets of paper and store them someplace private and safe where you can re-read them whenever you are in need of a boost!

Banish Stray-Thoughts – Focus Spell

Banish Stray-Thoughts - Focus Spell

Have you ever noticed how whenever you really need to just focus and get something done, like trying to study for that big test in the morning or to finish your big presentation before the deadline, it becomes utterly impossible to actually settle down and complete your task?

Some witches believe that meditation is best for situations like this and while usually, I tend to agree, sometimes I find it impossible to quiet my wandering mind long enough to do the meditation that was meant to quiet my mind in the first place…

That’s why I decided to come up with this spell. Late one night it dawned on me that if I could not use quiet to silence my thoughts then I should go with the flow and try something loud instead!

And you know what? It worked! Use this spell whenever you need to get rid of any unwanted thoughts or distractions and to sharpen your focus to get your work done!

Magickal Materials:

  • A Vacuum!

Magickal Method:

Take a couple of minutes to just clear off any clutter from your work area. If there’s something that is distracting on your desk or in your office/room, put it someplace where you won’t be able to see it.

Get out your vacuum, plug it in, and state your intention aloud or in clearly in your mind. Come up with your own or feel free to use this one:
“I have a clear and focused mind – I will complete my tasks on time!”

Turn on your vacuum and tip it to the side so that it is not all the way on the floor.

Visualize all of your unwanted and distracting thoughts being sucked up by your vacuum. As you do this, actually allow your mind to fully wander. Let it drift to all of the thoughts you tend to get distracted by like any ongoing conflicts, what you’ll make for dinner, fun plans for the weekend, etc.

Do this for 1-2 minutes, or until you feel like every unwanted thought has been fully explored and removed from your space. Place the vacuum cleaner outside of the room until you finish all of your tasks.

Final note

And there you have it my lovelies! My beginner’s guide to spellwork and a couple of go-to beginner-friendly spells, rituals, and advice to help you along as you begin your magickal journey!

Just remember, to always believe in yourself and in your magick and to know that whatever your dreams might be, you have the power to make them into your reality!

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Until next time!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

Naia Moonbrook

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