How to Cast a Honey Jar Spell? (Step-By-Step Example)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Honey Jars are some of the most common bottle or jar spells often used in folk magick traditions from around the world, especially when practicing the magickal art of hoodoo.

What is a honey jar spell?

A Honey Jar spell, sometimes referred to as a Sugar Jar spell or a Sweetener spell, revolves around the desire to positively alter or “Sweeten” certain forces in your life such as an ex-lover’s disposition, a jealous coworker, a boss with whom you have fallen out of favour and so on.


Although Honey Jar spells may have their roots firmly planted in ancient folk magick traditions, nowadays they owe their incredible popularity to the low-cost/easily accessible materials, simplistic beginner-friendly spellwork, and overall fast-acting effectiveness. Bonus, they are super adorable sitting on your altar or kitchen windowsill!

So, without further ado, let’s get started crafting up some good ol’ fashioned magickal sweetness!

My favorite Honey Jar Spell

How to Cast a Honey Jar Spell

Magickal Materials:

  • ? Container with Metal/Glass Lid
  • ? Herbs/Flowers Corresponding with Your Desire (ie Basil – friendship, Rose petals – romance, Angelica root – dispelling gossip, Lavender – relaxing work environment, etc)
  • ? 1x Pink Candle
  • ? Pure Sustainably-Farmed Honey
  • ? Photograph and/or Parchment Paper
  • ? Ink Pen or Coloured Pencil in Red or Pink

Magickal Method:

1. Choose a Container -There are many methods to go about choosing the perfect container for your honey jar spell however, most contemporary practitioners will use either a small mason jar or potion bottle (just make sure that it has a metal or glass lid/stopper). Alternatively, you could also go the all-natural route by hollowing out an apple and using that as your container.

Just note that if you go this route you will probably not be able to leave it sitting out for very long. Instead, if you opt for the apple method, try burying it in a safe place after your spell is cast.

2. Create a Totem/Petition – Whoever you are casting your spell for, you’ll need to create a small totem of that person.

A picture usually works best, but in a pinch, you can make a simple petition on a piece of regular parchment paper: just write their full name an odd number of times (at least three but not more than nine usually works well), and then simply rotate the page 90 degrees clockwise and write your full name over theirs the same number of times.

Finish off your petition by writing your intention or short affirmation in a circle around your names making sure to never lift your pen, not even to dot the I’s or cross the T’s, until you have completed the circle.

For extra oomph, try combining these two methods and write a petition on the back of their picture! (Some examples of affirmations/intentions for honey jars: Love and blessings love and blessings love and blessings.

Forgiveness and peace forgiveness and peace forgiveness and peace. etc. –

All strung together in a continuous circle without spaces. “Loveandblessingsloveandblessingsloveandblessings…”

3. Prepare the Jar – Take your totem/petition, roll it up making sure to roll/fold it towards you as if you are pulling the good vibes your way.

Gently place it in the jar/bottle/apple all the while remembering to focus on the person or situation you are wanting to change.

Add each of the herbs and/or flowers that you’ve chosen to include in your spell – thanking each for the energy they will lend to your casting.

Slowly fill your chosen container with the honey (I love to gently warm my honey beforehand which helps to make it easier to pour and adds an extra little touch of pleasant warmth to the spell).

4. Light the Candle – Carefully place a pink candle on top of your new Honey Jar or prop it up inside the hollow apple. Close your eyes and quietly meditate upon the warm flame of your spell candle.

Smile and visualize your intended target sweetening their attitude towards you.

Imagine how the spell will manifest and how wonderful the outcome will feel. Really revel in this feeling for a few moments! The longer that you focus your attention on the candle flame with your magickal intent in mind and your desired emotion in your heart, the more the fire will charge with your energy.

5. Cast Your Spell! – Now for the truly fun part! Ideally, you’ll have chosen a magickally appropriate time to perform your spell. However, in a pinch, remember that you can always perform magick at your own convenience assuming that your intentions are strong and your heart is true.

That said, it certainly helps to properly align your workings with the celestial and elemental forces of energy that surround and flow through us. Full Moons (especially those which rise in sweet and graceful Libra) are fantastic times to cast a honey jar spell with their added power and intensity, with New Moons serving as a close second thanks to their banishing magickal properties.

Also, consider enlisting the aid of Venus—so nurturing, charming and kind—by casting your spell when she is visible in the sky, just before dawn as the morningstar or just after dusk as the eveningstar.

6. Complete your ceremony and let the spell candle burn out on its own, allowing the melting wax to seal your jar. Set the jar on your altar or in a sunny windowsill for at least seven days, ideally meditating or praying on the jar around the same time of day for each of the seven days.

If you had opted for the apple method, you’re better off foregoing the seven days on your altar for a natural burial in the warm earthy soil instead. Try to pick a spot in your garden or yard that gets plenty of sunlight to keep your spell charged and visit it often over the next seven days.

Remember, the more concentrated attention you give to your spells, the more energy they will have to grow and manifest your will.

Final Note

Traditionally, it’s said that once you’ve cast a honey jar spell, you should see a magickal sign after three days, movement after three weeks, and manifestation after three months.

That said, I’ve personally found that the key to honey jar success lies in truly letting go of the original sense of longing that had you cast the spell, to begin with.

The pining for your crush, that desire for your boss or coworkers to like you. The spell’s been cast. The work is done. You no longer need to worry yourself or focus on any of the negativity.

It’s been my experience when I was a young witch in training, that obsession and worry are surefire ways to quickly and effectively suffocate your spell before it ever has a chance to help you and that just as soon as I learned to stop looking for something (like love or happiness) sure enough there it was right in front of me!

So just relax! Have a little fun! And above all, trust in yourself and the magick you hold within!

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Until next time,

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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