How To Cleanse A Candle For A Spell (Step-by-Step)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Greetings and well met my dears to the wonderful world of magick and to my cosy little Mystic Corner! In today’s article, we will be taking a closer look at how to cleanse a candle for a spell as well as a couple of my favourite quick and easy cleansing methods for you to try that are sure to have you up and making magick in no time! Let’s get started!

What is Cleansing?

Alright! So, you have a brand new colourful spell candle fresh from that wonderful witchy shop you love so much and you just can’t wait to get it home and dive right into casting all sorts of great candle magick with it! I know, I know, we’ve all been there trust me! But spell candles, as with crystals, stones, and most other magickal tools work best, and safest, if you take the time to give them a little TLC (tender love and care) first!

Spell candles, and most magickal objects for that matter, possess the ability to absorb the energies of the people, places, and other things around them. Therefore, before we can use our beautiful new spell candles, we must first perform a simple cleansing ritual to remove any and all outside influence and/or lingering negative energies in order to prepare our candle for charging with our own energy and for the intentions of our chosen candle magick spell. After all, we do not want our fresh-from-the-shop red candle causing our love spell to be influenced by someone else’s personal energy or worse to backfire now, do we? The fact is, you never know who may have held your spell candle, or another magickal tool/crystal, prior to you walking in and finding it/buying it. Best to hit that magickal reset button with a proper cleanse so that you know exactly what sort of energies and intent are imbued in your candle’s magickal wax!

How To Cleanse A Candle For A Spell:

Naturally, there are so many different methods for properly cleansing and preparing your spell candles. No one tradition or method is necessarily stronger or better than the other. In truth, as with most things in magick, the method that is best for cleansing a candle for a spell really comes down to the personal caster or witch and their own magickal practice/craft. Below, I will list a few of the most common magickal materials that can be used to ritually cleanse your spell candles and/or magickal tools and even your crystals or stones. 

How To Cleanse A Candle For A Spell

The Process:

Step One: As we begin today’s practical magick lesson on how to cleanse a candle for a spell, I want you to select at least one, but as many as you desire, of the following purifying materials (and of course a spell candle in the magickal colour of your choice!):

  • Dried White Sage Bundle (Please remember to source your sage products responsibly!)
  • Dried Blue Sage Bundle (Please remember to source your sage products responsibly!)
  • Sticks of Palo Santo (Palo Santo means Holy Wood. It comes in chopped sticks and when burned it releases a sacred cleansing smoke that is white in colour and has a sweet aroma).
  • Your Favourite Cone, Stick, or Loose Incense Blend
  • Your Favourite Essential Oil Blend (I believe Clary Sage Essential Oil or even Tea Tree Essential Oil makes an excellent selection for candle cleansing!)
  • Moon Water (Fresh and clean water that has been imbued with the power of the moon by charging it in the moonlight of a full moon).
  • A Bundle of Dried Sweetgrass (great for cleansing because of its really good vibes and natural purification properties).
  • Clear Quartz and/or Selenite Crystal Elixir (Fresh and clean water, often moon or sun water, that has been magickally charged using crystal magick and may or may not still contain crystals or stones.)
  • Dried Juniper Branches (bound with jute or natural twine – resets and cleanses energy with the added bonus of stress relief!)
  • Clear Quartz, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, and/or Citrine crystal grids (these powerful crystal grids are excellent for channelling pure positive energy for cleansing rituals).
  • A Bundle of Dried Herbs (think sprigs of Rosemary or Bay Leaves bound with natural jute or twine.)
  • Bowl of Pure Salt (Table salt will work fine for this but I really enjoy using sea salt the best because of its lingering connection to the cleansing and rejuvenating powers of the sea).
  • Full Moonlight/Light of Dawn (if for some reason you are having trouble getting your hands on any of the above powerful materials, do not lose hope! Witches and other Pagans for centuries have used whatever they already had, like the immense power of the sun and moon to cast/enhance their magick and cleanse or prepare their spell candles and ritual tools.)
  • Fresh Earth or Soil (another great alternative for the baby witch or anyone who is just starting out in their practice and maybe does not yet have a lot of magickal materials in their witchy cabinet. Bury your spell candle in the Earth in a spot that brings you peace and a sense of calm. Speak a gentle blessing spell and then leave it buried there overnight. Dig your spell candle up at dawn, be sure to thank the Earth for its part/energy, and then rinse the candle off in fresh running water).

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Note: If you choose to use either the white/blue sage bundles, juniper branches, sweet grass, bundles of dried herbs, sticks of palo santo, or your favourite incense then you are also going to be needing a wooden match or two to light them as well as a heatproof bowl or incense holder. If you choose to use crystals or elixirs instead, try giving them a charge in moon or sunlight first or having them blessed and consecrated by your prefered deity for an extra boost of magickal energy!

Step Two: The method of actually cleansing your new candle for a spell widely depends on which of the above materials and magickal ingredients you have chosen to work with, however, I will outline a very brief description to guide you based on the selection that you made…

AIR/FIRE: If you chose Dried Blue Sage, White Sage, Sticks of Palo Santo, Incense, a bundle of herbs like Rosemary, dried Sweetgrass, or Juniper branches then your method for cleansing is simple and very similar to how you might go about performing a cleansing ritual for your home or property. First, carefully light the bundle or branches and gently blow until white smoke begins to form. If you chose incense, place it into its proper holder and light it with a wooden match. (typically I prefer to always use a wooden match as opposed to a metal lighter because they carry a far more natural energy). Once the smoke begins to flow freely, take your spell candle into your other hand and gently bathe it in the smoke or if you prefer to, place the candle into a candlestick holder and use your hand, breath, or a large feather to lightly push the cleansing/purifying smoke around the candle and your sacred space as you whisper a blessing of purity. Continue cleansing your new candle in this way until you feel deep inside yourself that the lingering energy has lifted and the candle is cleansed and ready for proper use. Only you can know when this moment has occurred. Trust your intuition!

EARTH: If you chose to use a bowl of salt or fresh Earth and soil, bury your new spell candle in the salt or soil and cover it completely as you speak your incantation or purifying blessing. Leave the bowl of salt on your windowsill overnight before removing the candle in the morning and rinsing it thoroughly in cool running water. If you buried your candle outside in the Earth, as I mentioned earlier in this article, simply cover it completely with soil and leave it overnight. Dig it up at dawn and do not forget to thank the Earth mother for lending you her grounding energy. Rinse in fresh running water or use immediately while covered in the soil for some potent and powerful Earth magick!

WATER/OIL: If you chose to use a crystal elixir or moon/sun water, allow your candle to soak overnight in a bowl filled with the sacred water or, in a pinch, pour your elixirs and sun/moon water into a handy dandy spray bottle and gently mist your candle repeatedly as you chant a protective blessing to remove any lingering negative energies while simultaneously charging it with your own and the power of the sun, moon, or crystalized Earth. If you chose to use an essential oil blend such as clary sage or tea tree oil, try adding your essential oils to a bowl that is filled with a carrier oil such as olive oil (great for prosperity and positivity). Next, you could either anoint your spell candle with the oil while blessing it with your cleansing intent, as if you were dressing the candle for a spell, or you could allow the candle to fully rest inside the oil for up to a week before gently removing it and carefully making sure to clear away any excess oil from the actual wick before you try to light the candle for use in any spells.

CRYSTAL: If you chose to use a crystal grid with the above suggested purifying and protective stones or crystals, or if you chose to use a grid using any other crystals and stones that you often magickally work with or feel drawn to, then all you need to do is place your spell candle into the very centre of the grid and wait! Depending on the size of your candle and the stones in your grid, this could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fully complete. As with the other methods listed above, trust your intuition! You will know when it is time to remove your candle and begin casting spells!

LIGHT: Lastly, if you chose not to underestimate the simple things and have elected to cleanse your candle using only the sun or full moonlight, then all you need to do is to place your spell candle on your windowsill or bedside table at night and/or in a nice warm and sunny spot and allow the magickal cleansing energy to wash over it with the gentle light of these powerful celestial bodies. Both the sun and the moon possess ancient magicks and powerful energy that when desired for cleansing, as in countless other spiritual and magickal traditions or spells, we need only to ask for their blessings and the aid of their energy with kindness and respect for them to grant it to us willingly! Whether you choose to leave your spell candles in the sun or the moonlight for only one night/day, or for a full lunar cycle (28 days) is entirely up to you. As with all things truly magickal, the choice comes down to what feels right for you! Just listen to your inner/higher self. Try quietly meditating nearby as you wait for your candle to be cleansed by their incredible energies. You will know when their magickal work is finished it is time for yours to begin!

Final Thoughts:

Well, I believe that pretty much covers all of the most common methods that I know of for how to properly cleanse a candle for spells and other rituals! As always, if you have any questions or if you would just like to know more, feel free to reach out to me here or @witchymoons on Instagram! I am always happy to sit a spell and chat with any of my fellow witches and knowledge seekers!

Until then,

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,

Naia Moonbrook

Naia Moonbrook

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