How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Necklace (Method)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Greetings and well met my dears to the wonderful world of magick and to my cosy little Mystic Corner! In today’s article, I will be discussing the art of protection magick and of basic object enchanting, specifically the enchantment of a piece of jewellery to form a magickal amulet of protection that will serve to shield its wearer from any harmful intent or negative energies.

As a bonus, I will even give you a brief break down of the magickal differences between crafting an amulet and crafting a talisman. So, if you feel as though you or someone you deeply care about could use a little bit more positive energy and protection in your life, then look no further! This post was made just for you!

What is an Amulet?

Often, many beginners or “baby witches” tend to think that amulets and talismans are simply the same things. However, the truth is, they could not be more different in terms of magickal intent. Sure, both can take the form of small charms or even pieces of jewellery to be worn for a specific magickal purpose but this is where their similarities end.
An amulet is an enchanted or magickally spelled piece of jewellery that is worn in order to ward off or to deflect any sort of ill-intent, negative energy, or spiritual force that the creator or spell caster wishes to keep far away from the wearer. This is why an amulet, rather than a talisman, makes for the perfect choice for any witch who may wish to transform a rather mundane object such as a simple necklace into a wearable protection ward or spell.

Necklaces, and other various pieces of jewellery, can be enchanted in this way with powerful positive energies thus resulting in a magickal amulet of personal protection that will ward off and keep away any negative energies or evil entities who may seek to harm the wearer. In fact some, truly powerful, protection amulets can even possess the magickal means with which to not only properly deter these sorts of icky energies and ill-intentions but also to deflect them back to their original source or spell caster making them incredibly useful magickal tools for any experienced witch who may then be able to track such a powerful deflection back to whence it came thus allowing them to reveal a potential enemy or previously hidden source of negativity in their life.

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What is a Talisman?

As I mentioned above, many people, especially those just starting out on their magickal journey, often tend to mistake both amulets and talismans as being virtually the same thing or at the very least interchangeable. Sadly, this is simply not the case. Yes, it is true that both amulets and talismans can be small charms or even pieces of jewellery and both are created with a specific magickal purpose in mind but, in enchanting, as with all magick, the intention is key!
A talisman is an enchanted or magickally spelled piece of jewellery that is worn in order to attract or to draw in some sort of magickal intent, positive energy, or benevolent spiritual force that the creator or spell caster wishes to conjure or to manifest into the life of the wearer.

To give a further example of their differences, consider this: an obsidian pendant might be worn as a protective amulet and thus be charged and enchanted to ward off evil forces. Meanwhile, a jade bracelet might be worn as a talisman to attract positivity and to draw new love into the wearer’s life. It can be a bit tricky to remember I know! That is why, if you are ever in doubt, you should try to think of it this way: A is for AMULET and AWAY and T is for TALISMAN and TOWARDS. When I was a little girl first starting out on my own magickal journey, my grandmother taught me this little saying so that I would never be confused when creating my own magickal jewellery and witchy friendship bracelets etc. I truly hope that it is as helpful to you as it was to me!

Witchy Tip: Another interesting difference between both amulets and talismans, is that a talisman was traditionally handcrafted and more commonly made from only natural or rustic materials such as loose bird feathers, smooth river stones, or carved woods whereas an amulet could be forged from various earthen metals and some even contained multiple cut and polished gemstones such as what can typically be seen in today’s more “traditional jewellery”. Bear in mind, however, that these are simply traditional guidelines and that, as always, I highly encourage you to do your own research and to rely on your own personal intuition and what FEELS right for both you and your unique magickal journey!

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How to Cast a Protection Spell on a Necklace:

To cast a protection spell onto a necklace or onto any other piece of jewellery for that matter, can be a slightly different albeit very similar magickal process to say, casting a protection spell onto a person, a beloved animal companion, or even onto one’s own home and physical property. The difference, however, lies in the desire to semi-permanently merge or bind your own protective and positive energies to an inanimate object that can then be transported or worn out and about in the world where it will constantly come into contact with and be exposed to various outside forces and entities without the immediate means to draw additional power from the spell caster as a channelled candle protection spell might do.

How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Necklace

In essence, when we create an amulet or talisman, we are attempting to forge a strong bond between our own magickal energy and that of the item in question – transforming it from a mundane object into a magickal vessel suitable to actually spiritually store a small, renewable, portion of our own magickal power. It is for this reason that both talismans and amulets often make for incredibly useful and potent magickal tools in certain large spells and sacred rituals allowing the witch or spell caster to actually siphon off or to harness this previously-stored energy whenever their spell has reached its peak thus providing them with an incredible boost of magickal energy at exactly the right moment!

Of course, literally, anything that you are able to wear or carry with you can be magickally spelled or enchanted for a specific magickal purpose and thus considered can be crafted into a protective amulet. It could be anything as simple as a necklace, a plain chain or braided cord, a bracelet or anklet, your favourite pair of earrings, or even a piece of body jewellery! The possibilities are endless!

However, for the purposes of this beginner-friendly guide, I will simply be teaching you an easy yet effective method for magickally transforming a basic necklace (of any kind) into a powerful amulet to be used for personal protection. Let’s get started!

Magickal Materials:

Your Favourite Necklace/Pendant: Any type of necklace and/or pendant will be completely fine for this spell – just try to make sure that you have a relatively strong and positive connection to the one that you decide to use. The stronger your bond, the stronger the enchantment and thus the protective magick of your new amulet!

A Stick of Palo Santo and 1-2 Wooden Matches OR your own prefered cleansing materials such as a small bundle of sage for smudging, a bowl of sea salt or of earthen soil, a bowl of moon or sun water, etc. – whichever magickal cleansing method speaks truest to you! Just be sure that your chosen method will not damage your necklace/pendant or any stones and crystals it may possess. (Do your research here! Some minerals and crystals can become damaged or even toxic when they are exposed to water).

The Appropriate Lunar Phase: For warding off negativity or evil, consider crafting this protection amulet under the light of a Waning Moon.

Strong and Relaxed Magickal Energy: Creating a protective necklace or amulet requires a decent amount of magickal energy from your own personal spirit. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you are calm, relaxed, and fully rejuvenated or refreshed before beginning your spell. For example, you would want to cast this protection spell whenever you are feeling fully refreshed and relaxed therefore it would not be recommended to cast it when you first get home from work or school because your mental and/or physical energy stores may be heavily depleted leaving you feeling drained and unable to properly channel your energy into your spell and necklace.

Optional: White Spell Candle(s): Try carving protective sigils or words into a white spell candle or into multiple candles in whatever colours symbolize protection and/or positive energy to you personally (such as orange, green, or even gold) and light them during your ritual to lend their colourful magick to your own for a powerful boost of energy during your spell!

Bonus Witchy Tip: Want an extra powerful boost of protective energy? How about creating an amulet out of a necklace locket?!

I, myself, often wear a silver locket which I chose to magickally consecrate and spiritually cleanse before filling it up with all sorts of protective goodies such as a couple of very small rosemary leaves, an image of my favourite representation for my personal spirit guardian/animal and even a few select, very tiny, crystal chips of both black tourmaline and clear quartz. I then painted my own unique protection sigil inside the cover to magickally seal and lock in each of my spell’s affirmations and intent. Lockets make for excellent and highly customizable little amulets, talismans, and even charms! You can fill them with anything you like – whatever most magickally resonates with your own spirit or spell needs and they can even be sealed with spell candle wax for an additional layer of magickal energy!

How To Cast A Protection Spell On A Necklace pin

Magickal Method: 

Step One: Wait for a night when the moon has passed into its appropriate lunar phase (Waning Moon) and make sure that you are fully relaxed and both mentally and spiritually prepared for your spell (I find that a nice hot bath works wonders for this especially when I add my favourite soothing bath oils and salt blends to the water!)

Step Two: Next, find someplace quiet where you can work in peace without any sort of distractions, preferably within or under the light from the moon such as outdoors or by a windowsill. Gather up each of your magickal materials and, using a wooden match, light any spell candles that you may be using – if any.

Step Three: Cleanse and consecrate your chosen necklace in the manner in which your personal path or spiritual traditions dictate and then hold it in your most dominant hand against your chest over your heart or over your third eye chakra (located on your forehead) and then close both of your eyes. Take a couple of slow but deep breaths almost as if you are preparing for a meditation session or for yoga. The important thing here is to try to clear your mind of any distracting thoughts and to find your centre before proceeding. Once you are ready you should feel fully alert yet grounded and calm.

Step Four: Hold your necklace between the palms of your hands allowing your own energy and body heat to flow into it as your eyes remain closed and your breathing steady. You should begin to feel the necklace warming to your touch as it fills slowly with your magickal energy.

Step Five: Visualize your intentions as you would if you were casting a regular protection spell around someone or something that you deeply care about. Imagine your own aura of protective light glowing softly but brightly and slowly extending outward from you to encompass the necklace between your palms. Focus your mind on holding this visualization for as long as it takes (typically 10 to 15mins) until you feel a natural warmth and almost comforting sensation emanating from the necklace itself – this is the result of your protective energy and love being accepted and absorbed by or bonded to the actual materials and natural elements that make up the necklace’s very essence fusing your protective magicks and positivity into your new amulet!

Step Six: Once you feel that your work is complete and your spell has been fully cast, you may open your eyes and examine your brand new amulet. Take this time to thank any of the elements or spirits with whom you may have chosen to work with for this spell and to seal your necklace or locket with any further sigils or perhaps spell candle wax if you so choose.

Step Seven: Place your necklace on your windowsill or someplace safe outdoors where it can bathe in the light of the moon and the early rays of the dawn’s morning light and leave it there undisturbed for at least one but up to three nights. Once complete, pick up your new magickal amulet and tell it its purpose. “You are a protector against all that would do me harm. You ward off evil spirits and keep negativity at bay. Henceforth this is your purpose.”

Step Eight: Your protection amulet is ready for use! Wear it around your neck to shield you from harm or gift it to a loved one to protect them wherever they may go. Re-charge your amulet at least once per lunar cycle (28 days) by allowing it to rest in the light of the moon under which it was first created – so for example, in this case, you would always recharge your amulet overnight at the time of the month when the moon is Waning.

Final Thoughts:

Okay! Well, I believe that just about covers it for this week’s magickal post about how to cast a protection spell on a necklace! I really hope that you all enjoyed it and that you enjoyed learning about the magickal differences between both amulets and talismans as well as my simple guide on how you yourself can begin constructing and enchanting your very own amulet of protection!

And as always, if you have any questions or if you would just like to know more about today’s topic, please feel free to reach out to me here on the site, via email at [email protected], or even on Instagram @witchymoons! Don’t be shy! I am always happy for the chance to sit a spell and just chat with any of you – my fellow witches and knowledge seekers!

Until Next Time!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,

Naia Moonbrook

Naia Moonbrook

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