Solar Casting


All Solar Castings are cast using only the finest magickal ingredients and with tools that have been consecrated and energetically supercharged with the power of the Sun.

  1. – Spell Casting by Naia Moonbrook
  2. – Can’t be ordered as a standalone spell casting – Only in combination with one other spell
  3. – Premium service
  4. – Supplements every spell I have on this site

Confirmation will be delivered via email. Price in U.S. dollars (USD)


Your chosen spell(s) will be cast at the exact time of day that is determined to be most magickally well suited in order to properly achieve your desired spell outcome thus enabling me to draw on the incredibly powerful energy and raw power of the Sun.

All Solar Castings are cast with the added power of magickal synchronicities and numerology in mind in order to further empower and expedite the manifestation of your chosen spell

Enhanced Solar - Naia Moonbrook
Solar Casting