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Celtic Coven Casting is the most powerful spell casting on this website. I will work with 8 additional witches & druids on your chosen spell.

  1. – Spell Casting by Naia Moonbrook & her coven
  2. – Private, Informative & Personal
  3. – Free before & after-service support
  4. – Spell castings will be done within 24 hours

Confirmation will be delivered via email. Price in U.S. dollars (USD)

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My Coven of 9 Celtic Witches & Druids will gather together to cast your chosen spell and to lend the powerful energies of their unique magickal arts to quickly manifest your desired results.

Additional Options Available Explained:

Blessing of the Divine Goddess

Unique offerings will be placed on my altar and made on your behalf to the powerful Goddess that I am actively working with to empower and bless your chosen spell (ie: For Lunar Castings – Selene or Diana the Moon Goddess, For Wisdom & Guidance Spells – Danu the Celtic Goddess of Wisdom).

Blessing of the Divine God

Unique offerings will be placed on my altar and made on your behalf to the powerful God that I am actively working with to empower and bless your chosen spell (ie: For Solar Castings – Belenus the Celtic Sun God, For Removing Obstacles spells – Lord Ganesha the Gate Keeper).

Blessing of the Divine Duality

Unique offerings will be placed on my altar and made on your behalf to both the powerful God and Goddess that I am actively working with to empower and bless your chosen spell (ie: For Inspiration & Creativity spells – The Nordic God of poetry and art: Bragi and to the 9 Muses of Ancient Greece.

Celtic Coven Lunar Casting

My Coven of 9 Celtic Witches & Druids will gather under the light or the shadow of the next full or dark moon in order to cast your chosen spell and to combine their powerful magickal energies with that of our beloved moon goddess in order to manifest your true heart’s desires.

Celtic Coven Tri-Moon Ritual

My Coven of 9 Celtic Witches & Druids will dedicate the next three full or dark moons to gather together under the light of the stars and to cast your chosen spell.

This Celtic Coven Tri-Moon Ritual combines the immense power found in each individual witch’s Celtic bloodline along with the incredible power and benevolent guidance of The Morrigan our beautiful triple goddess as well as the transformative magick of either the full or dark moon in order to conjure your wildest dreams and manifest them into your reality!

Each successive ritual coven casting will cause your active spell’s results to grow in intensity and power before culminating in one final burst of magickal cosmic energy on the night of the third and final casting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please review the information below, as the most common questions I get are answered there!

How does this work?

To get started, use the drop-down menu up above to first select whether you would like to order the simple yet effective base spell casting or if you would like the base casting as well as any of the upgrades or magickal additions such as a lunar/solar casting, ritual casting (power of three or seven day), ancestral casting, or coven casting.

Once you have placed and paid for your order you will receive a confirmation email for your purchase along with any additional information and details regarding your chosen spell service.

After I have completed your unique spell casting, you will receive yet another email from me letting you know that the magick has been successfully cast and fully detailing any additional instructions or unique expectations concerning your spell’s particular manifestation going forward!

What kind of magick spells do you do?

I prefer to practice a diverse magickal path exploring and working with most forms of benevolent or “white” magicks. I also possess a strong spiritual connection to my Celtic heritage and regularly perform ancestral magick rituals to great success and spiritual enrichment!

I adore mother nature and each of her powerful elements so I often work with them very closely when casting any sort of Earth magick or healing rituals just to name a few!

The possibilities are endless in magick as in life and I make it my goal to learn and explore at least one new thing whenever possible each day!

Will you help me decide which spell casting to purchase?

Yes of course! I am always happy to sit a spell and discuss all things magickal with my fellow witches and knowledge seekers! I will always do my best to assist you in any way that I can to determine which preset or custom spell casting is best suited for your unique situation and manifestation desires!

If you would like my help deciding, please feel free to contact me via the chat function on my website, or even directly via email at [email protected]!

Is this real? Does this really work?

You can’t practice magick for as long as I have without eventually being asked this question, but whether it comes from a potential client, a close friend, or even just someone genuinely interested in learning more about spellwork and magick my answer will always be the same – Yes!

You see, magickal energy ebbs and flows continuously through each and every one of us as it does within all spiritual beings and it is this ancient energy that experienced witches, myself included, harness to influence and guide the hands of fate to manifest real and lasting changes in the lives of ourselves and others.

Why should I order a professional casting when you provide free spells on your site?

I first started my website in the hopes that I might somehow offer some sort of guidance, some shred of meaningful wisdom, in order to assist other young witches and fellow knowledge seekers to better enrich their personal lives and to find the answers they may be searching for as they embark on or progress down their own unique magickal paths.

As a part of my efforts to spread the love and to pay forward the kindness that was once shown to me when I was first beginning my journey, as well as in an attempt to debunk and discourage the spread of misinformation about spells and magick currently found all across the internet, I have chosen to write many articles and beginner-friendly guides complete with their own hand-selected spells for each of you to learn and to try on your own!

That said, properly harnessing magick and successfully manifesting positive spell results can often take many years of dedicated learning and practice to perfect. I know from experience, how daunting and in some cases even dangerously unpredictable the world of magick can be to the inexperienced witch and that is why I have decided to offer my own spell casting services as well!

When you order one of my spell castings you can rest easy knowing that all of the magickal materials are not only correct and already gathered, but that they are also of the utmost quality and often quite rare! Your unique spell will be cast with my own personal tried-and-true magickal methods as well as the natural know-how and powerful energy of a truly advanced witch!

In short, the reason you should consider a professional casting or ritual performed by myself is that I have had MANY years of experience!

I have already journeyed long and sought far for the knowledge I now possess. I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and I have learned from them, as you will too if you decide to try a couple of castings of your own. However, if true power, accuracy, and magickal expediency is what you desire just know that I am here for you and happy to help!

What proof do you provide?

After your spell casting is complete (typically within 24 hours of placing your order), I will email you a document which explains what your particular spell will do and how quickly you can expect to begin seeing results. This document will be in the form of a simple PDF file, which is accessible by most people. However, if for any reason you find that you cannot open or view the file, simply reach out to me via naiamoonbrook@gmail.com and I will send the information to you another way.

As for “proper proof” all I can offer you are your own successful results. Simply put, different spells manifest differently depending on a vast variety of influencing factors. That said, I will always work with you personally if you feel that your chosen spell is not manifesting itself within the given time frame and I will recast your specific spell as many times as you need me to as well as help you to determine what, if anything, may be preventing your spell’s manifestation. Never forget, I am here for you!

In regards to testimonials, unfortunately, due to the highly sensitive and extremely personal nature of each spell casting, I am unable to provide any names or emails of my other clients as proof. Both their, and your, privacy is of the utmost importance to me!

Do you offer any guarantees?

In magick as in life, there are never any guarantees. Please always be wary of anyone who would tell you otherwise! Although I may be a professional witch and a very experienced spell caster, in the end, I too am at the mercy of the Universe and Lady Fate.

I am not a goddess although I do enjoy working with many of them! All I can do is skillfully apply my tried and true methods, rely on all of the wisdom that I have garnered over the years that I’ve spent honing my craft, and honour the guiding spirits of the Universe.

Although I can make no guarantees that all of your desires will be made a reality, what I CAN promise you is that I will devote my time and all of my energy into trying to make it so and that if in the end it proves simply not meant to be, I will work with you to help you determine your next steps!

What is your success rate for castings? When will I see results? What is the refund policy?

Because of the typically wild and sometimes unpredictable nature of magick and energy work as well as the unique influencing factors of each individual spell casting it is extremely difficult if not entirely impossible to quantify all magickal results into a singular percentage or success rate.

That being said, what I CAN tell you is that in all of my years of experience and spell casting I have rarely, if ever, needed to cast a particular spell more than thrice and that I will never try to charge you for any additional castings of the same service.

I also vow to continue to work with you personally and to communicate with you freely until your chosen spell has manifested or, if not, to assist you in assessing and troubleshooting your situation (ie: determining what, if anything, could be preventing the spell’s success and what can be done about it).

There is of course, as with anything in this life, a small chance that what you desire may simply not be meant to be no matter what you or I try to do to make it so. I actually cover this topic in great detail in my “Why Spells Fail and How to Fix Them” article if you are interested in learning more about the sort of things that can impede the success chance of a given spell.

However, I do promise that I will always do my very best to help you in any way that I can to achieve your magickal goals! (Ex: A love spell may not be working due to the sheer lack of willingness on an ex’s part to communicate. I will work with you and cast your love spell as often as you need me to but if it still does not manifest perhaps a communication or forgiveness spell is needed first to get the cosmic energies moving again!)

And while the email that you receive from me after your spell has been successfully cast will contain the specific manifestation expectations for your chosen spell, most of my castings for basic white magick tend to reveal themselves within 4-5 weeks.

What information do you need from me in order to do the casting?

For the majority of my spell casting and ritual services, the only thing I truly need from you is the full name and birth year of whoever the spell is meant to enchant. So, for example, if you were to order a love spell casting from me I would simply require that you send me the full name and birthdate of both yourself and the person you wish to fall in love with you.

Of course, any additional information that you wish to provide will only serve to strengthen my connection to you and your unique spell needs but they are not necessary for the success of your spell (unless otherwise stated). Naturally, any and all information that you choose to share with me will remain between us 100% confidential and never be shared with anyone or used for any other purpose other than your purchased spell casting.

Which payment options do you support?
Currently, we support Paypal, credit, and debit cards.

If you have issues with payment send me an email to [email protected]

Is your payment data protected?
Yes. PayPal and Stripe have enough security in place to keep you safe online.
Do you share my personal information?

No! Everything you share with me is between you and me. Your information will never be publicly shared.

Who will cast a spell?
Naia Moonbrook, owner of the site TheMysticCorner.com

If you want to order my service for someone else, get their permission first!

Services I provide, are NOT intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions, or to be used in place of qualified medical care.

Always seek the help of a qualified medical practitioner for all physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Disclaimer: Results may vary and are not guaranteed. You must be over 18 to order my services. Use my services at your own risk.

For entertainment purposes only. We do not share, sell, or distribute your contact information.

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