Celtic Ancestral Magick


Your spell will be cast using some of my rarer, and more powerful magickal ingredients, along with my energetically supercharged tools, infused crystals and elixirs, and of course, ancient spiritual offerings to both the fae and my ancestral guides

  1. – Spell Casting by Naia Moonbrook
  2. – Can’t be ordered as a standalone spell casting – Only in combination with one other spell
  3. – Premium service
  4. – Supplements every spell I have on this site

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My ancestral magick spells, tend to manifest themselves far more quickly and accurately.

These spells draw their boosted power and speed from my use of special, rare ingredients and enhanced magickal materials.

They are cast using my most powerful ritual tools that have been uniquely consecrated and blessed for your specific spell casting.

When performing ancestral magick, I will always begin by making an offering to my guardian spirits, the Celtic fae, on your behalf as well as a special offering to honour my own unbreakable bond to the ancient power and wild magicks of my druidic ancestors.

These offerings and spiritual blessings, combined with the special herbs, tools, and other rare materials, are what give my ancestral magick its incredible power and reliability.

Ancestral Magick - Naia Moonbrook
Celtic Ancestral Magick