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How Long Does A Love Spell Take To Work? (Manifestation)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Hello, my lovelies, and welcome to The Mystic Corner! Recently, I have been posting articles about some of my favorite go-to spells, including this one about how to use green candles to attract money, a recipe for black salt protection and even this powerful spell to help you bring back your ex.

In my latest post, I even covered a couple of my all-time favourite love potion recipes to help you capture the attention and affections of your secret crush. However, since sharing this article, my inbox has been flooded with all sorts of terrific questions about magick and about love spells in particular.

Among the various frequently asked questions one alone stood out the most “How long does a love spell take to work?” What a great question! Because I believe that so many of you might be wondering just that, I have decided to make this question the topic for today’s article. Let’s get started!

Witchy Tip: While the question I’m answering today is “how long does a love spell take to work”, this post can be applied to the more general question of “how long does it take a white magick spell to work” as well.

What is a Spell?

First off, let’s start by defining what exactly a “spell” actually is. Because truth be told, it isn’t always something that is made clear to beginners or to those of you who might be new to the craft. So how do magick spells actually work? What are they? And how does simply expressing a wish and then ceremoniously sending it off into the ether have any sort of real effect at all?

Well, in short, a magick spell is the intentional focusing of a soul’s vital energy, accompanied by meaningful words, actions, sacred tools, and magickal materials. These powerful energies are meant to affect emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the world that surrounds us.

As practicing witches, we seek to use this intentional focusing of our own life force, our energy, along with our sacred tools and magickal traditions to affect lasting changes in our daily lives.

We use this power to manipulate and alter the ebb and flow of the universe’s energy as it shifts and moves around us, thus effectively granting us our deepest desires. Basically, we believe that with great effort and a lot of practice, we can actually will our dreams into reality.

How Long Do Love Spells Take To Work?

The answer to this question truly depends on the sort of love spell that was cast, the skill level of the caster, and which magickal materials or traditions were used to empower the spell during its casting.

Some love spells might take only a couple of days to manifest, whereas others might require several weeks or lunar cycles of dedicated energy and ritual work before they begin to take effect. Take the humble honey jar spell for example.


These simple spell jars are typically crafted with the intention that they will work slowly over the course of a couple of months or maybe even a few years to assist the witch in maintaining the sweetness of a particular relationship.

Meanwhile, a simple love potion brewed under the light of a full moon could require only seven continuous days of spellwork before transforming one’s deepest desires into their reality.

Has It Been Too Long? Should I Recast My Spell? – Ask The Moon!

Traditionally, many witches hold the belief that if you have yet to see any signs of manifestation from your love spell in at least one full lunar cycle (28 days), then you may need to go back and reexamine the magickal components and/or the wording and timing of the casting. In some cases, you may even need to recast your spell.

When trying to cast a spell, remember that many different spells will take different amounts of time before they can begin to manifest. The amount of time required will usually be determined by any number of outside factors such as the complexity of the intended spell, the magickal materials or ingredients, the spell’s timing, the caster’s skill or energy level, and even the willpower of the spell’s intended target.

Love spells, in particular, can sometimes take quite a while to manifest at the desired level of love and devotion and could require the caster to recast them several times (sometimes under different circumstances such as a specific lunar phase or with an additional ingredient) before properly manifesting the specific goal that was intended by the original casting – this is especially true for spells cast by a novice or in cases where the intended target is already in a new relationship with someone else.

Whether your spell begins to manifest right away or whether it ends up needing to be recast, the simple fact of the matter is that love spells, and magick, in general, does not typically work or show itself in a “black and white” manner.

Meaning, that your spell may indeed be truly working, but if you are expecting some sort of obvious flashing neon magickal sign then you might be a bit disappointed. Real Magick is very strong but often subtle.

How Am I Meant To Know if My Spell is Working?

Alright, so now you understand the basics of spellwork and you have cast your very own love spell. But how do you know if your love spell is working? And how long does a love spell take to work anyway?

While these may seem like simple questions, the reality is actually a bit more complex. You see, knowing whether or not your love spell is working can often prove very difficult – at least to the untrained eye.

After all, you may have cast your love spell with the expectation of some sort of extravagant or showy outpouring of love and devotion yet, in reality, your successful love spell only garnered you a bit more conversation and the odd stolen glances from your crush and nothing more.

Even though your love spell was a success you may have only managed to sway the feelings of the object of your affections a little – a far cry from the epic love story you were hoping for.

Of course, this sort of outcome could still be labeled as a victory in my book and perhaps simply in need of a recasting of the same love spell or a fresh casting of either something with a bit more oomph and/or complimentary such as a more powerful love spell, a communication spell, an attraction spell, and so on.

Because love spells normally involve the willpower and hearts of other people, it can be rather tricky to know how the target of your spell is actually feeling towards you and whether or not those feelings may have changed for the better (or the worse) depending on the success (or backfiring) of your love spell.

For example, your love spell might have worked and the other person might indeed have much stronger feelings for you, but this does not mean that they will choose to act on their new found feelings.

Therefore, you would not know that your love spell had been a success until they decided to act or to tell you, which may be much later on or perhaps even never. (Don’t worry, there are other types of spells to help you out with this!)

Witchy Tip: While there is always bound to be a bit of uncertainty or nervousness when casting spells, especially those that deal with matters of the heart, my suggestion to you is to believe in yourself and your magick. The more you choose to doubt yourself and the power of your spell, the far less likely it is to actually work for you. Try to stay as positive as possible and keep an eye out for any small signs that might show you that your spell is beginning to take root.

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How Long Does A Love Spell Take To Work by The Mystic Corner

Four Common Signs That Your Love Spell is Working

1. When you first cast your love spell did you feel an immediate sense of calmness? Like everything was going to work out and you could not help but smile? Did you maybe feel like you had a sudden small surge of power or energy that moved through your body leaving you feeling a bit tingly, warm and fuzzy, or like you had just conquered a mountain? – If so, then your love spell was most definitely a success!

I can’t promise you that it will manifest exactly as you had hoped but this sort of energy surge is usually a sure-fire way to know that the magick juices are flowing and changes are definitely coming. Congrats!

2. Synchronicities abound! In the realm of magick, synchronicities carry with them a great amount of weight and powerful energy. They can serve as omens either good or bad and they serve as powerful tools for the experienced practitioner or witch to take note of the progress of an active spell.

Synchronicities are especially helpful if you made certain to cast your love spell at a specific time of day. For example, if you chose to cast your love spell at 5:55 am (or 0555 hours) and your casting is successful then you may begin to notice these numbers (555) here and there and everywhere throughout the course of your day as your spell begins to manifest itself.

Signs of these synchronicities might show themselves in anything from the numbers on a vehicle’s license plate when you are stuck in traffic, an add on the radio, spaces on your lottery scratch off, a random billboard, or even just whenever you happen to glance down at your watch.

Synchronicities can be very useful tools but they may also represent a powerful warning such as when you are the target of a nasty hex. So, if you start to notice the same numbers more and more, it is time to do a bit of research about the magick and meaning behind any specific numbers you may be seeing and, possibly, cast a protection spell or two just to be on the safe side.

3. Now that you have cast your love spell, is the person you cast the spell for paying noticeably more attention to you? Bear in mind that this does not have to be physical attention.

For example, are they texting or calling you more? Did they like your post or photo on social media? Are they listening more when you talk to them? Or maybe you have managed to catch them looking at you when they thought you wouldn’t notice.

All of these are great signs that your spell is working its magick. Go with the flow and embrace the little changes. Relationships are a lot like plants – nurture them and watch them grow!

4. Have you begun to notice that other people are talking about you and the person you cast your spell for more frequently? Do the two of you get mentioned together in passing conversations – particularly in a positive way?

If so, this may be an indication that the chemistry between you is starting to blossom and that other people are taking notice. Or, this sudden increase in collective chatter could mean that your crush is talking positively about you to their friends and within your social circles and thus your spell is helping you to stay on their mind. As a bonus tip, if you notice yourself feeling upbeat and genuinely happy, chances are that your magick is working and that your crush will soon notice you.

After all, happy people tend to attract happiness and the attention of others. Everyone wants to be around someone who is sure of themselves and who knows how to make them smile.

Alright my dears, that’s about it for this article. If you enjoyed this one please make sure to check out the rest of our wonderful articles and helpful guides here at The Mystic Corner.

Until Next Time,

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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