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Quick Love Spell for Long-Distance Relationships (Easy to Follow)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Have you ever wondered how to cast a love spell for long-distance relationships? Sure, casting a love spell can be a bit tricky but casting a love spell from a distance has got to be impossible right? Wrong! Casting love spells for long-distance relationships is not only possible but it also happens to be one of my specialties!

After all, I met my own soulmate when we were stuck living a whole world apart and we have been together living happily ever after ever since!

So what is a love spell for a long-distance relationship?

Long-distance love spells start off like most other love spells, like most spells in general honestly. They begin with a powerful connection and a fierce desire for some kind of change in your life. In the case of love spells, that change is hyperfocused around the powerful emotions that you feel for another person. It is the desire to find your one true love and to have them love you in return.

But not all love spells are centered around finding love. In fact, some love spells are actually focussed on simply keeping the love that you already have happy and healthy and growing strong.

The same holds true for most long-distance love spells.

Maybe your lover has had to go away on a business trip and you want to make sure that they only think of you while they’re gone. Maybe you have a crush on someone but are unable to, or unwilling to, approach them face to face until you know if they feel the same about you.


Or maybe you already have your one true love but you, due to these unprecedented times of “social distancing” and/or border closures, currently find yourselves separated by a vast physical distance and want to ensure that this distance will not cause a rift to grow between you or to otherwise disrupt what was a perfectly healthy relationship.

Whatever your reasons might be, magick can help! Here is one of my go-to spells of all time for nurturing any long-distance relationship whether they be for love or friendship:

A Love Spell for Long-Distance Relationships by The Mystic Corner

“Communication is Key” – Love/Friendship Spell

Communication is Key - Love and Friendship Spell

Magickal Materials:

  • ? Aquamarine – Useful for easing tensions, cooling tempers, and promoting communication.
  • ? Rose Quartz – Great for any work revolving around romantic or self-love. This stone corresponds directly to the heart chakra. Its gentle energy encourages peace and unconditional love.
  • ? Lapis Lazuli – Known as a protector of interpersonal relationships, this stone serves to protect the harmony of a relationship and can help to mend a broken heart or injured bonds.
  • ? Opal – Often called the “Cupid Stone”. Attracts passion and desire and intensifies open-mindedness and romance.
  • ? Jade – This stone comes in many colour variations each with their own magickal uses however, for this spell we will be using green jade as it promotes fidelity and loyalty.
  • ? 2x Blue Candles – Blue is the colour of communication and trust.
  • ? Rose Buds (or petals) in the corresponding colour to your spell ie: yellow for friendship, red or pink for romance, etc.
  • ? Basil, Rosemary, and Mint – For protection, friendship, and kindness.
  • ? Pure Salt – To purify and protect your sacred space while you cast your spell as well as the relationship itself.
  • ? Clear Quartz – To supercharge your spell.
  • ? A Small Bowl or Jar
  • ? Your Cellphone/Tablet/Computer

*Note: If you are missing one or two of the crystals or stones listed here it’s alright. Your spell should still work. Just try to make sure that you have as many of each as you can especially those that most magickally match your goal (such as green jade if you are worried about your lover’s eyes wandering while they are away, lapis lazuli if you are attempting to heal a broken bond, etc).

Magickal Method:

1. Picture the person you want to cast your spell on in your mind. Really focus on their every detail.

2. Open up your device of choice (cellphone/tablet/computer etc) so that the screen shows the contact page, email, or chat that you usually use to communicate with them through.

3. Place the device gently onto a flat surface such as the floor or a table and to both the right and left of it place your candles (one for each of you) and then light them.

4. In a small bowl or jar, place your herbs and gently break them apart releasing their sweet aromas. Slowly breathe in the earthy smell of the rosemary and basil and the revitalizing scent of the mint – all the while focusing on the relationship with a sense of positivity and matter-of-factness as if the spell has already taken its toll and worked beautifully. Once finished, place the bowl of herbs above your device.

5. Take each of the crystals and stones and one by one place them around your device and the bowl of herbs in a circle – taking the time to reflect on the magickal properties of each one and what they will bring to your spell and your relationship.

6. Complete your sacred space by sealing your device, the bowl, crystals, and both burning candles in a purifying and protective ring of salt.

7. Hover your hands over this sacred space and close your eyes. Feel the energy as it flows around you. Focus on the warmth from the candle flames. Focus on the lingering scent of the herbs. Imagine the gentle light from your spell candles flickering over your crystals and radiating outward from each one until the entire circle is bathed in their soft light.

8. Now whisper these words and hold them in your heart:

“Sun, Moon, and Stars Above, Let my life be blessed with Love. Never shall distance keep us apart, we are bound – joined at the heart. Together we were, together we shall be. Lest we forget, Communication is key.”

9. Finish the spell by gently snuffing out the flames of your candles and letting the smoke trail off as you imagine it traveling far off to wherever your love is.

Final Note: This spell works beautifully to maintain communication and affection with both lovers and friends, however never forget that it is up to the both of you to keep putting in the effort and help your relationship grow strong! Also, if both you and the other person perform this spell (or even together over skype/zoom maybe?) it will be even more powerful but it is not necessary.

Until Next Time!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

Naia Moonbrook

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