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How To Cast A Love Spell On My Ex? (My Magickal Loop-Hole)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Greetings my lovelies! In today’s magickal article we will be taking a much closer look at a certain spell topic that I know many of you may be curious or even excited about and yet, like many of your fellow witches, you simply lack the technical know-how and/or power level to cast successfully. I am talking of course about love magick!

Specifically how to cast a powerful spell to recapture the attention and passions of an ex-lover.

A word of warning before we begin, this level of love spell requires complete mental and intentional clarity as well as a certain degree of truly neutral (aka unbiased) magickal energy that sadly many a young spurned or lovelorn witch tend to find highly improbable, if not completely impossible, to conjure up let alone to maintain throughout the entirety of such a complex spell casting.

The simple yet difficult truth is that for our magick to work without powerful and/or disruptive backfires and karmic backlash, we witches must hold true to one universal truth – “and ye harm none do what ye will.” The rule of “harm none” is one that is nearly as old as traditional witchcraft itself!

It is a concept that spans across multiple magickal cultures, religious practices, and spiritual traditions. It has even found its way into the mundane world through certain teachings of “how to be a better person” and the well-meaning, albeit sometimes hypocritical, oath that is sworn by all of our doctors, healers, and various other medical professionals.

A Magickal Loop-Hole For Success

Alright, so, we as learned witches are familiar with the importance of karma and the rule of harming none but still, our hearts ache for our one true love. We miss him/her and we want them to miss us too – to come back to us and to love us once more the way they did before. But how can we truly cast a spell that seeks to alter the emotions of another – to bend their will to our own WITHOUT crossing that karmic line of harm?

We know that magickal intention and clarity is key. That any indecisiveness about our feelings, the timing, or simply just our broken heart can muddle the mind and derail our efforts. The sad fact is that throughout the scattered history of witchcraft, very few, if any, spells or rituals seeking unrequited love while performed by those whom’s spirit’s still mend a wound within, rarely work as intended if at all.

The negative energy and twisted emotions that linger after an upended relationship tend to skew balance and intent of our spells rendering them useless at best and dangerously unpredictable at worst. Knowing all of this, what hope is there?

My way of doing it. 🙂

Fear not! Throughout my many years of practice and witchy success, I have discovered a magickal loop-hole for obtaining powerful and accurate results when enacting spells that might have otherwise backfired or fizzled out on me because my mind and, in some cases, my heart simply wasn’t ready for or strong enough to cast them at the time.

The solution? Well of course you could always try and wait it out until you either lose all interest in this particular person or find happiness elsewhere. But what if they were truly the one? What if you believe that the two of you were meant to be and something or someone has come between you?

In cases such as this, it is this humble witch’s opinion that you should do as countless men, women, and witches have always done – confide in someone else. Turn to someone that you can trust to hear out your sorrows and lend you their own magickal energy and support. Whether they be a friend, family member, coven mate, or some other trusted ally, the important thing to ensure is that they remain as sympathetic to your cause and yet emotionally unbiased as possible.

Because this new caster lacks any of the personal attachment (ie they have not been hurt by nor do they love the person the spell is targeting) their hearts, minds, and magickal intentions should remain pure and crystal clear thus allowing them to harness all of both their and your collective energy without disruption and ensuring the success of their spell casting.

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How To Cast A Love Spell On Your Ex – A Couple of Deceptively Simple Methods

Okay, okay, enough with all of the witchy wisdom and warnings! Let’s get on to the good stuff aye?

So! You’ve considered the consequences, weighed up your options, and have decided to try your hand at making a little love magick! Congratulations! Here are a couple of deceptively simple, relatively safe, love spells that, if cast correctly, are sure to have your ex crawling back to you in no time! Best of luck witches!

Love Regrowth Spell Using Earth Magick!

Love Regrowth Spell Using Earth Magick

This nurturing spell for regrowing a lost love may prove particularly useful to any of you wonderful green or hedge witches out there! Although it does require a bit of tender love and care as well as, like all loving relationships, a healthy dose of good old fashioned patience, once it finally begins to grow it will blossom into a love that is truly beautiful and surprisingly sturdy.

Magickal Materials:

  • A Red Apple
  • An Athame or Pocket Knife
  • Dove’s Blood Ink (or some other red flowing ink)
  • A Small Piece of Parchment Paper
  • A Small Sharp Object (sewing needle, straight pin, etc)
  • A Teaspoon of Sugar
  • Red Twine or Yarn
  • Garden Sunflower Seeds
  • Potting Soil
  • Flower Pot
  • Water
  • A Small Lock of Hair, 3x Drops of Blood, or Nail Clippings (from the person you wish to bring back to you).
  • An Article of Clothing (that belonged to the person you wish to bring back to you).
  • Lots of Sunlight (a place in your yard or garden that gets at least 6-8hrs of full Sun).

Magickal Method:

Step One:

Begin this regrowth love spell by taking a nice hot shower or relaxing in a hot bath. I find that all of my love spells tend to work out best and quickest if I prepare for them with a little bit of self’-love beforehand. Use this time to calm your mind with a few deep breaths. Just take a couple of quiet moments to meditate and to reflect on the current state of your relationship and what you want your magick to change.

Step Two:

Continue to soak in the water (bonus points if you added in a bit of rose oil or pink salts!) until you feel that you are completely relaxed and mentally prepared to perform the emotional spellwork ahead.

Step Three:

Once out of your ritual bath or shower, search for a quiet place outdoors such as in your yard or garden where you can work without distractions and the joyful energy and warmth of the sun can shine down on you and bless this magickal rite.

Step Four:

Now that you have found the perfect place to cast your spell, begin by carefully inscribing your fresh red apple. Taking a small straight pin, sewing needle, rose thorn, athame, or some other sharp object, gently carve away at the apple’s tender flesh all around in a circular line. Making sure to focus your inscriptions around the theme and magickal sigils of love. The carvings on your apple could be anything from a simple pair of intertwined love hearts or the complex linework of a Celtic lover’s knot.

Also feel free to carve the full name of the person you desire into the apple as well, or perhaps just your initials along with theirs.

Step Five:

After you have properly carved and marked the outside of your apple, gently split it in half with a knife and remove the core and any seeds from both halves.

Step Six:

With dove’s blood ink, write out the full name, date of birth, and zodiac sun sign of your ex-lover onto a small square of parchment paper.

Step Seven:

Sprinkle about a teaspoon of sugar over their name and slowly fold the paper as small as possible until it will fit inside the hollowed out core of the apple. Place the small folded up square into one half of the split apple and then add the physical component (lock of hair, drops of blood, or nail clippings) of the person that you wish to return, into the other half of the split apple.

As you add the final spell ingredients, remember to focus all of your magickal energy on visualizing your ex-lover in vivid detail and the act of the two of you getting back together again as well as your love growing strong both in a happy and healthy way.

Step Eight:

After you have finished adding in your spell materials and imbuing your red apple with your intent, bind it tightly back together with the red twine or yarn and set it to the side for now as you fill your flower pot with potting soil (it is best to use your bare hands for this!).

Once full, gently use your hands to form a small deep hole in which to set your magick apple and lovingly place it there.

Step Nine:

Tenderly yet firmly pack the potting soil over the top of your spell apple before gently planting the sunflower seeds on top of it and then carefully covering them up with more potting soil still using only your bare hands. Be sure to treat these little seeds with all of the tender love and care that you wish for your spell to regrow in the heart of your ex. Mindfulness and intention are key!

Step Ten:

Now, firmly tie the article of clothing that had belonged to your lover around the flower pot and as you tie the knot speak these words aloud:

“As my flowers’ blossoms show,
So too our love shall mend and grow”

Step Eleven:

Pick out a wonderfully sunny spot where your new flowers can enjoy and soak up all of the sun’s warmth and powerful energy to further charge your spell and to help their new life to grow. Be sure to water, visit, and even talk to your plant every day.

As your flowers grow, so too will the love in your ex’s heart until the day that they come back to you.

How To Cast A Love Spell On My Ex by The Mystic Corner

A Spell To Win Back An Ex-Lover Who Rejects You

A Spell To Win Back An Ex-Lover Who Rejects You

Here is a simple spell to win back the love of an ex-lover who rejects you or who has hardened their heart against you and any form of resolution or rekindling.

Magickal Materials:

  • A Red Image Candle (Preferably made from natural beeswax and in the form of your spell’s target ie in the shape of a man or woman etc.)
  • A Small Lock of Hair, 3x Drops of Blood, or Nail Clippings (from the person you wish to bring back to you).
  • A Sewing Needle/Straight Pin/Rose Thorn/Athame etc (for carving).
  • 3-6x Drops of “Return To Me” Oil Blend (You could also substitute this oil for a “Come To Me” Oil Blend instead if that is what you have already on hand.)
  • An Open Flame (such as a fireplace, campfire, or spell candle – just remember to practice proper fire safety!)

Magickal Method:

Step One:

Start by purchasing a red image candle of a man/woman or, better yet, creating your own wax effigy to resemble your ex and adding the physical components of this person to your figurine either during the making process or by slightly melting the outer wax first so that the hair/blood/nail clippings will stick to the surface.

A note about working with blood: always make sure to use sterile tools or instruments when piercing skin and to be mindful of and safe from any potential illnesses or blood-borne pathogens that could result from tainted blood or bodily fluids.

Step Two:

After preparing your wax figure, gently carve your lover’s full name and date of birth in its side using a small sharp object such as a sewing needle. Now it is time to apply the other magickal materials that you plan on using to intensify and strengthen your spellwork.

These materials may consist of one, or multiple magickal oils, powders, minerals, and/or dried herbs and flowers or any other unique ingredients which magickally correspond to your specific spell or ritual.

For this love spell, we are only going to be using a simple yet powerful oil blend that is often referred to in the magickal community as “Return To Me” oil or, depending on your preference you could also use a “Come To Me” oil blend instead.

No additional dressing materials are needed for this particular spell because our spell candle or in this case our spell wax effigy already contains powerful physical components of our spell’s target individual.

Step Three:

There are many different methods and traditions for anointing or “dressing” your spell candles – some of them more complex than others. For the sake of this advanced magick article, I will assume that you are already well and truly familiar with the art of candle dressing.

However, if you would indeed like to learn a bit more about how to dress a candle for love or for money etc, please check out a few of my other posts as I have covered several of the more traditional methods of candle dressing there in great detail.

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Step Four:

After dressing your spell wax effigy with oil, try to focus all of your power and magickal energy on your intentions for the spell. It is important to remain positive during this process and to only focus on the person you love and who’s feelings you wish to soften towards you. Think only of how you wish them good will and your desire to make amends so that both of you may begin to heal. Focus on your love and any good memories.

Do NOT focus on any lingering emotional pain that they may have caused you in the past or that you still may feel. Remember, this spell is meant to melt that icy shoulder they have been giving you, not to hurt them in any way!

Step Five:

Now carefully hold and gently turn the wax effigy over an open flame. You can do this bit by bit over a lit spell candle (preferably red for love or blue for communication and healing), or you can carefully nestle the figure into a burning hearth or campfire. Whichever method you decide, as you watch the wax melt away softly whisper these words aloud:

“By the light of this spell fire
By the flames of my desire
Refill our hearts and return our love
May he/she feel fate’s gentle shove
As this spell wax melts away
His/Her feelings towards me doth give way
This spell is cast, my work is done
Return to me, your love is won.”

Step Six: Allow the spell wax to melt completely away in the fire until nothing remains but ash and then bury the remains under the loving arms of a large shade tree.

Final Thoughts

Remember witches, there are a lot of outside factors that can affect our spellwork, especially when meddling in matters of the heart so try not to get too discouraged if at first you don’t succeed.

Until Next Time!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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