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A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Magick (Charging, Cleansing…)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Crystals are naturally occurring stones or minerals that carry within them powerful vibrations and energy that can be used in a multitude of ways to not only amplify the power of your spellwork but also to defend yourself against negative energies, grant focus and clarity during meditations, or even to inspire you with confidence and determination when you feel like you need a boost. The possibilities are endless! Let’s start with our beginner’s guide to crystal magick!

Why are crystals used in magick?

Crystals are used in magick because of their power to conduct and store magickal energy. When you are working with a crystal, your energy, intent, and personal power are focused into the crystal and blend with the innate magickal properties that the crystal already possesses. This combined energy is what makes your spells and workings all the more powerful.

One of the tricky things about getting started working with crystal magick is that there is such a large variety to choose from – it can be a little overwhelming if you’re just starting out. I remember the first time I went to purchase a crystal to keep with my tarot cards, the sheer volume of what I had to choose from nearly made me run away!

But fear not – in this simple guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the more common crystals and why certain stones are more magickally suited to achieve the desired outcome of certain spells.


What is crystal cleansing and how does it work?

Before we get started, it is important to note that one of the most crucial steps to take when you first purchase a new crystal or stone is to cleanse it BEFORE use. But what do I mean by “cleanse it”? Well, crystals and stones have the tendency to absorb other energies around them.

This means that anyone with strong energy who may have passed through the shop or held the crystal before you could have potentially imprinted some of their energy onto the crystal which could interfere with your spellwork or worse, your crystal could be clinging to some unwanted negative energies.

You’ll read a lot of different methods to crystal cleansing, and the truth is, like most magick, it’s personal to the caster. Just be sure that the method you choose won’t damage your crystal!

Some popular methods for cleansing the crystal energetically of residue are:

  • Smudging it (with sage/cedar/etc smoke).
  • Leaving it to bask in the Moon or Sunlight.
  • Burying it in cool soil, sand, or salt.
  • Or soaking it in freshwater (be careful with this method though as some stones are soluble and can become damaged or even toxic if exposed to water).

My favourite method for cleansing my crystals is to allow them to bask in the moonlight – preferably on a full moon – and to be kissed by the gentle light of dawn the following morning, it might not be the quickest method but it is simple, helps to preemptively charge the crystals, and doesn’t have any negative effect on the physicality of the crystal itself.

What is crystal charging and how does it work?

Speaking of charging crystals, the next step when preparing a new crystal or stone for use is to charge it with what we call natural energy.

You can think of the crystal charging process a lot like charging a battery and the natural energy, your crystal’s power source.

Natural energy can come from many different sources but usually involves moonlight, sunlight, any of the natural elements (fire/water/air/earth), or even the individual caster’s own personal energy.

As I mentioned above, I prefer to charge my crystals by full moonlight whenever possible however, I have also been known to use my own power when I need a charged crystal in a pinch. Like with most magick, this process is completely unique to the caster however, I find it easiest to close my eyes and hold the crystal in my dominant hand until I can feel it responding to my touch.

Visualize a white soothing light starting at the crown of your head, flowing down through you, making its way down your arm and into the crystal. As you visualize the light flowing from you into the crystal, think about what intentions you have for the crystal (bloodstone for healing, rose quartz for love, etc).

Hold onto this visualization for at least a few minutes or until you feel deep within that the crystal is fully charged and ready to serve its purpose.

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the basics of how to cleanse and charge your crystals, let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can incorporate crystal magick into your daily life.

Practical uses of crystals

The first and most immediately effective way to add a little crystal magick to your life is to carry crystals with you. I do this all the time. I have a small crystal garden on my desk that consists of a large citrine cluster, clear quartz, rose quartz, and jade to help promote communication, honesty, and concentration while I work. I also carry a small citrine with me in my purse – that way I’m never too far from its protective qualities!

Some other great stones to carry around with you, either in your purse or wallet, would be a small piece of amber for good luck, jade to bring prosperity, or even blue quartz if you are worried about passing a big test at school.

Another great way to use crystal magick would be to write out a spell, or a list of intentions, and keep a crystal on top of it someplace safe like your altar if you have one or your bedside table. This is a great way to incorporate crystals into physical spell work. First, write out the spell or intentions list and then select a crystal that will align beautifully with those intentions. You then simply set that crystal on top of your parchment and the crystal will supercharge your casting lending its energy to your desires as it sends its vibrations out into the universe, amplifying your power of manifestation.

Trying to work on a dream journal but can’t seem to remember your dreams? There’s a crystal for that! Sleeping with an Amethyst under your pillow or on your nightstand helps to promote vivid dreaming and aids in the recalling of dreams once you wake. Other stones that make for great bedfellows include selenite and jasper which have been known to promote restfulness and relaxation or jade if you need help interpreting a particularly confusing dream.

A Beginners Guide to Crystal Magick by The Mystic Corner

Best crystals for energy cleansing

Crystals can also be used as energy cleansers. As we’ll talk about below, several crystal types are great at clearing out negative energy. Use these during a bath or shower, and clear out any negative feelings that you’re holding onto!

As I talked about earlier, there are so many different types of crystals to choose from, and it can be VERY easy to get distracted or overwhelmed. So while this list is far from complete by any means, it is my hope that it at least serves to point you in the right direction and to help get you started on your magickal crystal journey!


This crystal will help the spell caster by restoring energy and healing. It can enhance creativity, and intellect, and is a grounding stone. It is highly protective and is commonly used in spells of protection for children.


Amber is known for providing calming energy to spells, or a burst of energy; it all depends on the intent and what is most needed. Amber draws out negativity and can be used to release physical pain.

It’s also known for being a good luck charm, and bringing positive energy to the wearer!


Amethyst was worn by the ancient Greeks to help with the effects of drinking too much, and since then, has been known to calm and soothe ailments. It also assists in controlling harmful behaviors and is a great crystal to use in scrying work – as it helps with psychic awareness.

Because of its link to the subconscious, Amethyst is very useful in dreamwork and has been known to induce vivid dreaming and to aid in the recollection of dreams.


Citrine is a stone that I never leave home without. I have a giant piece on my desk in my office and carry around a small point in my purse. Citrine cleanses negative energy and provides focus and mental stimulation.

It is a GREAT stone to use in workings with employment – because it promotes honesty and communication as well!


The May birthstone, and a personal favourite, comes in a variety of different shades of green… but all emeralds are great for awakening your creative side so that you can bring that spark of imagination and inspiration into all areas of your life.

They are also great stones to use during magick workings that involve success in love, fertility, domestic matters, or independence.


Use jade when you need help with dream interpretations. It will also bring confidence, prosperity (financial or otherwise), and self-sufficiency.


Jasper is a great stone for travelers. Jasper does come in three different colors – red jasper is the perfect stone to get you in a down-to-business headspace, yellow is great for clearing the mind of distractions, and brown is super grounding and can help you to find your center.


Moonstone is another favorite of mine! It’s known to bring out the more feminine aspects of the wearer as well as calmness, awareness, and self-confidence!

Moonstone is also a great will-power booster!

Obsidian & Onyx

Obsidian and Onyx are two stones that are great for energetic grounding. Both are jet black and provide calming healing properties as well as protection from negativity, and clarity in times of stress.


Bloodstone, as its name denotes, is a vital stone that’s perfect for any spell or ritual regarding the physical body or lifeblood. Bloodstone is a revitalizing stone that can greatly help to boost your energy levels.

It fills you with a surge of energy so that you can break out of any feelings of stagnancy, depression, or lethargy. In other words, it gets the blood pumpin’!


Quartz can come in many different forms, but it is an AMAZING stone to have on hand.

  • Clear quartz is used to clear the mind and illuminate what you truly want in life. It is also used to amplify the properties of any surrounding crystals and is used for spells regarding logic, healing, or to assist in meditation.
  • Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is great for children, and is sometimes referred to as the “mother stone”. It offers protection, opens the imagination, and promotes the growth of true love and happiness.
  • Blue Quartz is amazing to aid in concentration and can help you to laser-focus on your goals – great for students!

Black Tourmaline

And last but certainly not least, no list of crystals would be complete without mentioning the big daddy of all protection stones, Black Tourmaline. Feeling completely drained lately? Perhaps Mercury is retrograde, or maybe you’re dealing with some pesky energy vampires at work, or maybe, just maybe, you suspect that your closest frenemy is trying to hex you because you forgot to return her Tupperware.

In any case, calling on some heavy-duty spiritual protection is never a bad idea, and it’s super easy to do with a trusty piece of black tourmaline. Black Tourmaline wraps you up in an energetic bubble by putting a protective shield of positive deflecting energy around you. This energetic shield prevents you from picking up any unwanted energy from other people or negative situations.

Last thoughts

Well, that just about covers it for this beginner’s guide to crystal magick! Hopefully, I’ve shown you that working with crystals can be a fun and exciting experience that can be uniquely tailored to you and your own flavour of magick.

Honestly, the best piece of advice that I can give you is to just take it slow, do your research, and see which stones or crystals feel right for you!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

Naia Moonbrook

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