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Magickal White Candle Meaning & Symbolism (Explained)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Welcome and well met to the sixth article of my brand new magickal series, “Colour Magick 101”! Today, we’ll learn more about white candle meaning, magickal usages, and symbolism!

White Candle Meaning & Magick

White Magick! I honestly struggle to think of a single witch or spell caster alive today who can claim that they have never experienced nor felt the comforting, protective, cleansing properties, or otherwise sheer inconceivable all-encompassing positivity that is pure White Magick.

It is said that White Magick, the antithesis of Black Magick, is the embodiment of all that is right or “good” in the universe.

But that is not necessarily true.

White Magick, as with all things both magick and mundane alike, possesses the capacity for both karmatic good as well as, for lack of a better term, “evil”. All things in this life, and in nature itself, exists within a duality…a sense of balance that must be maintained through “good” and “bad” karmatic acts, light and dark, male and female, love and hate, night and day, hot and cold, god and goddess, sun and moon, or even simply, the bright and dark sides of the moon herself!

Like two sides to the same coin, this sense of balance, this double nature, exists within each one of us and in everything that we see or do in our magickal practices as we walk along our own unique paths and forge through personal growth not only our spellcraft but also ourselves.

White Candle Naia Moonbrook
My lovely white candle.

As with Yin and Yang, though glimmers of one nature exist within the other, White Magick remains the opposite to Black Magick and both are called upon at different stages of the year, month, day, or even just in life itself to harness the power of two very different energies and thus manifest change in each their own unique way.

For you see, White Magick, just as with Black Magick, and its effects in the universe or our everyday lives is ultimately shaped and thus set into motion by the very willpower of the spell caster or witch who seeks to harness and manipulate these energies for their own desires and goals.

In my next post for this series, I will be taking a closer look at the art of invoking and working with the often misunderstood nature of black candle colour magick.

But for now, let us dive more in-depth to what the practice of white colour magick can do for you!

What Do White Coloured Candles Represent?

White is the colour of purity and new beginnings. It is the form of colour magick that most closely resonates with the fifth natural element that resides within the heart or center of the sacred circle – Spirit. The element of Spirit represents the very soul of the spell caster, their center, and where they derive their magickal force or power from.

It is our spirit that sets our intentions and casts them into motion to manifest change in our daily lives. Since time immemorial the sense of spirit or one’s own soul has been depicted throughout literature and religions the world over as emanating a sort of calm or soothing and utterly pure white light.

This is why white magick is, in essence, considered to be the purest and most positive energy of all. The power of white magick is calming, healing, cleansing, and strong. It never wavers.

What Are White Coloured Candles Used For?

Because of its connections to purity, chastity, and “good” even church candles are primarily white in colour and thus white candles have become associated with prayer, remembrance, and true devotion. For pagans, white candles are particularly useful when magickally working with lunar deities or when making offerings to the Goddess.

Because of its untarnished and raw spiritual power, white magick and thus white spell candles can often be substituted for spell candles of other colours when that colour is simply unavailable.

White acts as a neutral median for magickal works such as love spells, prosperity, friendship, honesty, and pretty much all things that are light and positive in intent. White spell candles can also be used, similarly to white or clear quartz, to further magnify and amplify a spell casting by lending its powerful and clarifying vibrations to the spell’s base properties.

A slight variation to white spell candles, Ivory spell candles carry within them a slight tinge of earthy brown which serves to provide a sense of grounding energy that can aid in the clarification process when spell writing or to ensure that one’s intentions are in the right place before casting a spell which might otherwise have backfired.

Ivory is fantastic for Full Moon workings, initiation rituals, or any time that you feel an alternative to bright white is needed within a spell. Because of its correspondence to traditionally precious things such as actual ivory, pearls, and even sweet cream, this colour can also be used to magickally attract things that the caster or witch views personally as a luxury or to manifest abundance in their life.

Of course, I could go on, as I am sure many of my fellow witches could, about the multitude of uses for white colour magick in your daily mundane lives as well as your magickal practices but that, my dear readers, would require me to transform this “short” article into a rather lengthy book!

So, how about I share with you a couple of my favourite go-to white magick spells instead? Check them out below!

Simple Spells Using White Candles

Wishing Spell & Wish Herbal Blend

Wishing Spell & Wish Herbal Blend

This simple herbal wishing blend is one of my favourite magickal mixtures of all time!

It is one of the spell blends that I love to craft under the light of nearly every full moon or just whenever I feel the need for that extra little sprinkling of magick dust!

Magickal Materials:

  • Basil Leaves
  • Bay Leaves
  • Calendula
  • Rosemary
  • Cinnamon
  • Sage
  • Yarrow
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • A Few Drops of Your Favourite Essential Oil Blend
  • White and/or Silver Biodegradeable Eco-friendly Glitter (even though this type of glitter can be a bit more expensive than your average run-of-the-mill glitter from the dollar store, I personally feel that it is important to remember nature in our practice and to not contribute to the micro-plastic issues that only serve to damage our environment and wildlife. After all, as witches it should always be our goal to do no harm whether magickally or mundane).
  • 1x White Spell Candle
  • 1x Wooden Match (preferably no metal lighters!)
  • 1x Candle Holder (of any material but I prefer natural ones like stone or crystal).
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Spell Jar or Potion Bottle (preferably one that can seal airtight).

Magickal Method:
1. Begin crafting the mix for this magickal wishing spell by gathering up all of your herbs, petals, and other magickal materials before settling into your sacred space with your mortar, pestle, and a freshly consecrated/cleansed spell jar.

2. It is important that you cleanse the jar or bottle that you intend to store this herbal blend in. You can achieve this any number of ways, one of the most common being to use sage smoke to smudge the in and outside of the jar, however, if you do not happen to have any sage smudging sticks on hand or if you simply prefer not to burn sage in your home (due to allergies or personal preference) you can always use crystal elixirs, moon water, incense, or whatever method suits you and your magickal path the best!

3. Once you have your space and spell jar prepared it is time to begin! Take your white spell candle and lightly anoint it with a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend before rolling it around in the glitter and a few crushed rose petals while holding in your mind a vision of whatever makes you happiest or what it is you plan to wish for once the spell is complete. We witches like to call this practice “dressing” or consecrating the candle.

4. Place your freshly dressed spell candle before you in its holder and light it with the wooden match. Take a few moments to relax your mind and make sure that your intentions are clear. Now add the remaining ingredients to your mortar and pestle and crush them up into a fine dust. A few chucks are acceptable here and there but you really want to try to get this mix completely blended. As you crush and mix the ingredients, continue to hold the vision of whatever makes you feel most light-hearted and happy or of whatever it is you plan to use this spell to wish for. Make sure to stir the pestle in a clockwise fashion. In the magickal community we call this motion “deosil” and it is used whenever a spell caster wishes to bring something in or summon something with their spell.

5. After your ingredients are completely mixed, carefully pour them into your consecrated spell jar and add in any additional glitter if you wish. Carefully pick up your white spell candle and allow a few drops of its pure wax to enter the bottle and cool in the mix as well.

6. Seal the jar or bottle and give it a couple shakes to wake up the energies within! As you shake, repeat these words while focusing on your wish intently:

“By sun, the moon, and stars above
I call for positivity and love.
May my words be true and fine
Let my will be done and this wish be mine.
So it is said, so mote it be.”

7. Now snuff the spell candle out and take your new wishing dust outside with you. (less mess this way!)

8. Gently pour a small handful of your wishing blend into your left hand and close your eyes. Take a deep breath, extend your palm out flat, and then blow the magick dust off of your palm and out into the universe making your wish as you so as if you were trying to blow out birthday candles or the seedlings of a dandelion bloom.

9. Store your herbal wishing blend in its spell jar on your altar, in your drawer, or better yet on your windowsill where it can be charged by the moonlight. This mix can also be used for other positive spells which seek to bring something lovely into your life and which may benefit from an extra little sprinkling of magick.

Magickal White Candle Meaning & Symbolism by The Mystic Corner

Road Opener – Remove Obstacles Spell

Road Opener - Remove Obstacles Spell

This obstacle eraser spell is particularly powerful if you happen to have a good working relationship with Ganesha (Ganesh) the kind-hearted elephant-headed god of the Hindu tradition.

Ganesha is one of the many deities that I myself enjoy working with. He is the keeper of thresholds – the remover and placer of obstacles. If you do not already work with him you should definitely give it a try and introduce yourself!

Just don’t forget to bring him some delicious modak or sweets!

Magickal Materials:

  • Bowl of Moon Water (West for Water)
  • 1x Your Favourite Incense Stick (East for Air)
  • 1x Favourite Crystal or Stone (North for Earth)
  • 1x White Spell Candle (South for Fire)
  • An Offering & Representation of Lord Ganesha (optional but recommended)
  • 2x Wooden Match (preferably no metal lighters!)
  • A Candle Holder

Magickal Method:
1. If you are stuck or having a difficult time with something specific in your life, this spell will help you to see the correct course of action. Begin by setting up your sacred space with each of the cardinal directions and elements represented on your altar or within your sacred circle.

If it suits your personal practice, now is the time when you would call in the four corners welcoming the elemental spirits of each (the undines, sylphs, gnomes, and salamanders).

As well as taking the time to welcome Lord Ganesha and present your offering if you have chosen to ask for his assistance with this spell.

2. Light the incense and allow its smoke to gently waft about the room. The Air element is entering and empowering your ritual.

3. Rub your palms together for a few moments until you can feel the warmth and then gently hold your crystal or stone between them waking its energy with your own. The Earth element is entering and empowering your ritual.

4. Gently dip your fingertips into the bowl of moon water. Close your eyes for a moment and simply feel its presence. The Water element is entering and empowering your ritual.

5. Now light your white spell candle and watch as its flame flickers to life and begins to dance. The Fire element is entering and empowering your ritual.

6. And last but by no means least, take a couple of deep breaths and clear your mind. Meditate for a few short moments and use this time to find your center. The element of Spirit is present within you always. Awaken it by focusing on each soft breath as you gently breathe in and out.

Now look into the spell flame and whisper these words if you are not choosing to work with Lord Ganesha:

“By the elements of universal light
I call to thee to give me your might.
Open all doors and watch over me
I trust in your aid, so mote it be.”
And these words if you are:
“Lord Ganesha join me here
I wish to see the path is clear.
I ask your help on this day
To find out how to clear the way.”
*make your offering while focusing on your desired outcome*
“To my honoured guest, I bring
The wish my heart does seek to give wing.
Please join with me to create success
In all desires, good fortune express.”

7. Now meditate quietly as you visualize yourself being freed from all that binds you or stands in your way. Release all thoughts or feelings of negativity. Only positivity and optimism remain. Sometimes it helps to picture yourself standing in the middle of an empty road – there is nothing blocking your path – you begin to move forward. The way is clear.

8. Once you feel you are ready and the spell has been cast, be sure to thank and release any and all spirits who lent you their aid and to dissolve the circle. Allow your spell candle to safely burn all the way down.

If the issue persists, light a new white candle and refresh any offerings. Have patience, sometimes the obstacles that we face have been placed in our path so that we might grow to overcome them.

And there you have it my lovelies! The meaning of white candles and a couple of my favourite spells to harness the purely positive energy that is White Magick! I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helps you along your magickal journey. And if you liked this one, just wait until you see what’s coming next in the Colour Magick 101 series!

See you there!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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