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Fiery Red Candle Meaning & Symbolism (Explained)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Welcome and well met to the second article of my brand new magickal series, “Candle Colour Magick 101“! Today, we’ll learn more about red candle meaning, magickal usages, and symbolism!

Red Candle Meaning Explained

Red is also the color of sex, passion, power, courage, and vitality! A red candle works to draw all of these qualities to you and can aid you in any spellwork that invokes the element of Fire.

What Do Red Coloured Candles Represent?

Red candles have the power to invoke the Fire Element in a ritual or spell. This energy is intense, enthusiastic, and transformative, which makes it the perfect spell candle for protection, purification, love, and strength.

Red Candle Naia Moonbrook
My lovely red candle.

What Are Red Coloured Candles Used For?

You can use a red candle for any spell or ritual that requires a very intense level of energy as long as the intentions and vibrations align correctly.

A couple of other magickal elements that resonate well with Red Magick are cinnamon, neroli, and cedarwood essential oils. Lava stones, tiger’s eye, and fire agate also complement any spells that seek to invoke the power of fire or to align with the Root Chakra.

Simple Spells Using Red Candles

“Rekindle Me” – Massage Oil Spell for Passion

Rekindle Me - Massage Oil Spell for Passion

This is a simple spell that you can cast to bring back the desire and lust in your relationship. Reignite the passion with red candles, sweet honey, some warm oil, and just a few other simple ingredients!

If you know in your heart that he still loves you but you feel as though he no longer craves your touch or finds you as attractive, then this spell will help you to become as you once were.

You will become like a goddess in his eyes and he will lust after you again! If you’ve cast this spell correctly you should expect a serious increase in the intimacy and sexual frequency of your relationship.

Magickal Materials:

  • 4x Red Candles (Preferably made from Beeswax)
  • 1x Photo of you two as a couple when you were at your happiest.
  • A Small Bowl (for mixing)
  • A Glass Vial or Potion Bottle/Jar (for storage)
  • Red Lipstick
  • 3-4 Drops of Your Favourite “Uplifting” Essential Oil (I love Orange Blossom but choose whatever makes you feel amazing!)
  • 1/4 cup or so of Organic Honey (this will get messy but worth it!)
  • 1-2 cups of Sweet Almond Oil (or other suitable carrier oil such as apricot, avocado, jojoba oil, etc).

Magickal Method:
1. Begin this love spell by taking a nice hot shower or relaxing in a hot bath. I find that my love spells tend to work best and quickest if I prepare for them with a little bit of self’-love beforehand. Calm your mind with a few deep breaths and just take a couple of moments to meditate and reflect on the current state of your relationship and what you want your magick to change.

2. Get out of the bath and dry yourself off (bonus points if you use a nice fluffy comfy towel!) and then slip into some lingerie or whatever makes you feel powerful – like a goddess.

3. Light your red candles paying special attention to how the warm light of their flame flickers and illuminates the space.

4. Slowly put on the red lipstick and take a few moments to admire yourself in the candlelight if you have a mirror nearby – if you don’t, just take some time to be present in the moment and really embrace your inner goddess and empowering energy.

5. Pick up the photo of you and your lover and hold it close to your heart for a few moments before taking a deep breath and studying it. Really look at it. Look at your smiles. Look at your eyes. Look at how happy you were together and how incredibly in love you were. This is where you set your intent for the spell. Focus on where your relationship was on the day that photo was taken and on how you want it to return to that place. Picture the passion, the lust and, desire rushing back into your relationship as it use to rush through your veins when your love was young and new.

6. Now softly kiss the photo leaving behind a red imprint of your lips over the image of your love and gently place the photo into the middle of the four candles with two candles on either side of it.

7. Gather your ingredients for your massage oil (it helps to warm the honey and/or the oil beforehand). Slowly mix the honey and oil together in the mixing bowl in a clockwise motion (we call this motion “deosil” in the witchy world and it is used to draw things in or to create!)

8. As you stir your warm oil and honey together breathe in their scent and hold your intentions at the forefront of your heart and mind. Add in the drops of the essential oil that you selected (make sure you chose one that is skin safe!) and mix well until fully incorporated.

9. Carefully transfer your new massage oil into a glass potion bottle or jar for safe-keeping and get cleaned up.

10. The next time you are alone with your lover, put on that same outfit and red lipstick, light some red candles, and bring out the bottle of massage oil! Relax and enjoy each other and the magickal atmosphere and aromas from your ritual.

I’m sure it will definitely be a night to remember! And that there will be plenty more to come! Enjoy!

Red Candle Meaning & Symbolism by The Mystic Corner

“Come to Me” – A Simple Love Spell

Come to Me - A Simple Love Spell

Not every spell needs a long list of ingredients and a complicated set of steps to follow in order to create magickal change. Sometimes, some of the best spells are the simple ones that require little more from you than a single spell candle, a splash of water, and a clear intention.

Magickal Materials:

  • 1x Red Candle
  • 1x Wooden Match (preferably no lighters)
  • 1x Small Bowl or Bottle of Fresh Water

Magickal Method:
1. Begin this very simple love spell by calming your mind and taking a few moments to find your center so that your intention becomes clear. Maybe go for a walk in the woods or find someplace quiet where you can work and be alone with your thoughts.

2. Once you feel that you have found the perfect space to cast your spell and are completely relaxed and focused, it’s time to begin.

3. Place the red candle before you and carefully strike the wooden match.

4. Watch as the match burns for a moment, releasing it’s smoke into the wind and summoning the elements of Air and Fire.

5. Feel the Earth beneath your feet and intently light your spell candle remaining focused on your intent and the desired outcome of your spell.

6. Call the last element to your sacred space by lightly sprinkling some of the Water from the bowl over your head and chest. (I like to dip just my fingertips into the cool water and gently sprinkle the water above my heart and crown chakras).

7. As you anoint yourself with the water speak these words aloud or clearly in your mind:

“Sacred water flow from me
To draw him ever near.
As endless rivers run to sea
His path to me is clear”

8. Repeat this sacred spell as many times as you feel is necessary and then return home – notice how your footsteps feel lighter as you bask in the knowledge that your spell is cast, your magick’s at work, and love is on its way.

And there you have it my lovelies! The meaning of red candles and a couple of my favourite spells to harness the raw passion of Red Magick! I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helps you along your magickal journey.

And if you liked this one, just wait until you see what’s coming next in the Candle Colour Magick 101 series!

See you there!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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