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Cosmical Purple Candle Meaning & Symbolism (Explained)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Welcome and well met to the seventh article of my brand new magickal series, “Candle Colour Magick 101“! Today, we’ll learn more about purple candle meaning, magickal usages, and symbolism!

Purple Candle Meaning & Magick

The colour of mystery and magickal energy, the colour purple is associated with the astral plane as well as the opening of the third eye chakra and the harnessing of psychic abilities. Purple candles are also favoured by many of the divines as the colour has been linked to both royalty and luxury since time immemorial.

My beautiful purple candle.

What Do Purple Coloured Candles Represent?

Purple is the colour of the mystic. People with purple or violet in their auras are often thought to be highly sensitive and cosmically or spiritually aware. Many psychics and mediums have purple in their auras. Purple spell candles represent the wise teacher and the keeper of hidden knowledge, unconscious wisdom, and your higher self.

What Are Purple Coloured Candles Used For?

Many witches, spell casters, and yogis alike, seek to harness the psychic vibrations of purple and purple candles in order to enhance their own psychic abilities, induce a trance-like meditative state for divination purposes, or even planes walking aka astral travel or astral projection.

Purple spell candles serve to strengthen your connection with the unseen realms. Historically the colour of royalty and luxury, purple is also considered a suitable colour for magick related to wishes, ambition, power and authority.

As a variation of purple, the colour lavender combines both the innocence and purity of white as well as the spirituality and psychic properties of purple. Lavender spell candles are often used for spells that seek to influence matters of the heart, as well as intimacy, friendship, and wishing rituals of all kinds.

Purple spell candles can be used to aid in meditation as well for spells that involve the use or interpretation of divination and fortune-telling. Purple candles are used for vivid dreamwork, intuition enhancement, psychic visions, past-life exploration, and spiritual awakening.

They can also be used for spiritual protection, removal of curses, healing of the psyche, successful ambition spells, accessing ancient wisdom, awakening cosmic awareness, and even astral projection!

Some students of esoterism even believe that purple candles have the power to negate or cancel out the effects of bad karma and to drive out demonic or evil spirit possession.

My Favorite Spells Using Purple Candles

Spell to Communicate with Loved Ones

Who Have Passed Over…

Spell to Communicate with Loved Ones

This powerful spell, while seemingly simple in nature, is not for the faint of heart. Unlike with some other spells or rituals, I really must insist here that the sea or rock salt is nonnegotiable.

As is the cleansing or smudging of your home prior to casting the circle and beginning the ritual. This is because anytime you are attempting to commune with the dead or are trying to work with spirits of any kind, it is vitally important that you take steps to protect your own energy and those of your home.

If you are performing this spell in the form of a seance or with other people present, please make sure that each person is seated completely within the ring of salt and that each is made well aware of the risks that accompany any and all rituals that seek to pierce the veil.

Magickal Materials:

  • 6x Purple Spell Candles
  • 6x Wooden Matches (preferably no metal lighters!)
  • 6x Candle Holders or Plates (any material will do for this spell but I prefer to use my crystal holders in order to add an extra bit of oomph!)
  • 2x Sage Bundle for Smudging and Cleansing (Note: You should perform your first cleansing with sage several hours if not a day prior to performing this ritual. Most, respectful, ghosts or spirits will view the use of sage as a request to leave and if you use it too close to the time that you plan to cast your spell and then begin trying to summon them, the lingering sage smoke may cause the spirits to feel as though you are sending them mixed messages and get annoyed and either cranky or despondent. Perform your second cleansing as you release your protective circle and bid farewell to all who participated whether they be among the living or the dead).
  • Sea or Rock Salt for Purification and Protection
  • A Piece of Clothing or Object that Belonged to Your Loved One.
  • Crystals and Stones such as Clear Quartz or Peridot – to amplify your spell’s power or to protect from negative influence. The salt will keep the evil at bay but even good spirits can carry some negative energy or heavy baggage that may weigh you down. Peridot can help with that!
  • A Black Scrying Mirror & Stand (stand is optional but preferred).

Magickal Method:

Witchy Tip: DO NOT USE A OUIJA BOARD! Especially if you are new to this sort of ritual work or spiritual practice. When an ouija board is used they open the door to just any old ghost or spirit to walk in and begin communicating, or toying, with you.

This is true, in part, for most spirit spellwork however, with the ouija board there is far less control and room for dangerous error. Not to mention, the ouija board tends to attract the most low-level energies to it.

The kind of low energy spirits such as deceased children, childish adults, and others that are, more often than not, up to mischief and either are unaware of their death or are enraged by it.

These sorts of spirits and ghosts tend to view their death as a wrong that was done to them and are often vindictive or resentful in nature when allowed to enter the home of the living.

There are far better, more controlled ways to deal with these spirits that are best left in the hands of expert witches and professional mediums.

1. Begin this communication spell by performing an energy cleansing sage smudging ritual several hours, if not a full day, ahead of time. You want to give the lingering smoke plenty of time to dissipate.

2. Place your purple spell candles in their holders after dressing them in consecrated oil if you wish and carving any sigils of protection or communication if you feel drawn to do so. Arrange the candles so that they form a hexagram (think the star of david) representing each of the alchemical elements overlapping one another.

3. Take the sea or rock salt and draw with it a large protective circle around the space where you and any others will be seated. Make sure that the line of the circle remains unbroken throughout the ritual and that no one leaves its protective barrier until the circle is released and spirits parted. As you cast this sacred circle of protection, think of only positivity and, if you have any favourite protective incantations now would be the time to speak them.

4. Strike your matches and light your purple candles one by one. With each one, whisper the name of the loved one you are trying to connect to. Place the crystal or stones you have chosen in front of you or if they are in the form of jewellery – wear them. (Make sure to have charged your stones beforehand so that they are ready to lend their energies to your spellwork!)

5. Place your black scrying mirror on its stand (or lay it down flat if you do not have one) in the center of the six point star formed by your purple spell candles.

6. Now, sit within the circle where you can see clearly into the mirror before you. Take the piece of clothing or the object which belonged to your loved one who has passed and hold it tightly in your hand. Try to conjure their image in your mind’s eye. Speak their name aloud, clearly and with intent.

7. Now gaze into your black scrying mirror and speak this incantation:

“Hearken to these words
Hear my cry!
I call to you spirit from the other side!
I wish to speak to you here..
Come to me now.
Come to this mirror!
I call you now (speak the spirit’s name).
Appear before me so that we may speak
You have the answers that I seek.”

8. As you speak, continue to gaze deeply into the shimmering void of your black mirror until the spirit’s image reveals itself unto you. Do not expect a full apparition. Often such visions require a great deal of energy – much more than this simple spell can muster.

Instead, focus your mind on the spirit you are contacting and who they were to you and others in life. What made them who they were? What made them special to you? It is these thoughts and intentions that will help to give them energy and shape as you summon them before you.

9. Now ask the questions you seek to have answered. I cannot tell you how you will receive these answers, however, or if you will receive them at all. It is entirely up to the spirit, whether or not they choose to speak once summoned and what information, if any, they choose to divulge to the living. Just remember to stay calm, clear-headed, and to remain respectful!

10. Once your session has finished, thank the spirit for their contribution and politely request their departure from your home. Carefully snuff out the spell candles and cover your scrying mirror with its spell cloth or whatever you choose to keep it in normally. Do not exit the salt circle yet!

11. Thank everyone who was involved if you allowed others to be present for this ritual and then light your second sage stick. Speak whatever incantations you naturally would for cleansing and refreshing of energies as you walk about inside the circle and then calmly release it.

Finish the smudging of your room and/or home before bidding your guests farewell and cleaning up your space.

Optional: Light a bit of incense or some brightly coloured candles such as yellow or orange in order to raise the vibrations and mood energy of your home after such a serious and potentially sombre ritual.

It also helps liven things up to put on a bit of your favourite music and just dance! Remember, we all have to die someday but our life should be celebrated! And death is never the end.

Cosmical Purple Candle Meaning & Symbolism by The Mystic Corner

Cloaking Spell – A Charm to Temporarily Obscure Auras

Cloaking Spell - A Charm to Temporarily Obscure Auras

This cloaking spell is meant to temporarily obscure the aura of someone or to otherwise magickally hide them from someone or something that seeks to harm them.

Magickal Materials:

  • 4x Purple Spell Candles
  • 1x White Spell Candle
  • Your Favourite Incense
  • Clear Quartz and Selenite
  • A Sprig or Two of Fresh Mint Leaves
  • 3-5 Drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil
  • Lavender Stems or Dried Buds
  • A Pinch of Dried Honeysuckle Flowers
  • 5-6 Cloves
  • A Sprig of Rosemary
  • 3-5 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 5x Wooden Matches (preferably no metal lighters!)
  • 5x Candle Holders or Plates (any material is fine)
  • A Small Bowl or Bottle of Moon Water
  • 1x A Purple Pouch or Sachet Bag
  • Purple or Violet Thread
  • 1x Sewing Needle
  • Small Bowl for Mixing
  • A Black or Dark Purple Permanent Marker
  • Optional: A Small Piece of Their Hair or Nail Clippings

Magickal Method:

1. Begin this protection charm spell by sitting quietly in your room or, if you prefer, go out and take a walk. Try to find someplace quiet where you can sit and work in peace. It is not necessary to have the person you are wanting to protect with you at this time, however, if they do choose to come along, the spell will be much easier and stronger with their presence.

2. Once you feel that you have found the perfect space to cast your spell and are completely relaxed and focused, it’s time to begin.

3. Place your purple spell candles in front of you and carefully make sure that they are secure (especially if you are outdoors somewhere!) You want to configure them in front of you in such a way that they serve to mark the four elemental quadrants. Place your white spell candle firmly in the center to represent the element of spirit and, if you feel called to do so, carve symbols and sigils of protection or their name into its wax using the sewing needle.

4. Now, strike your first wooden match and watch. Watch as the match burns for a moment, releasing it’s smoke into the wind and summoning the elements of Air and Fire. Light the white candle.

5. Feel the Earth beneath your feet and slowly light each of your purple spell candles. Now gently sprinkle the moon water around your space and body with the tips of your fingers, calling upon the natural protective spirits of Water and uplifting your magickal energy. As you prepare, remember to remain solely focused on your magickal intent and the desired outcome of this spell.

6. Once your purple candles are lit, combine your herbs, petals, leaves, spices, and flowers in the mixing bowl and carefully add them along with your stones and hair or nail clippings, if using, into your small sachet bag. Add the drops of juniper berry essential oil and peppermint essential oil and then gently give the bag a shake to wake up its vibrational energies with your own.

Now, carefully massage the contents through the fabric releasing their beautiful soothing aromas and imbuing the charm bag with their magickal properties.

7. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of your spell candle’s flames. Breathe in the scent of your new charm bag, perhaps tie it to a leather cord and wear it around your neck. Allow this magickal scent to soothe you and clear your mind of all distractions as you now focus on the person you wish to hide and protect.

If the person has chosen to stand there with you, join hands and allow their energy to flow into you through the warmth in their palms.

8. Now open your eyes and take the black or dark purple permanent marker in your hand. As clearly as possible, draw the mark of the all-seeing eye on the fabric of the charm bag along with the person’s name.

Once done, add any other symbols of love, healing, or protection that resonate with you, or them, personally and then gently rub the charm over your third eye chakra (forehead) and then over theirs if they are present.

9. Slowly close the charm bag and hold it tightly in your palm – warming it gently.

10. Now, take your sewing needle and hold it over the flame of your burning white spell candle for a few moments, repeating your desire out loud or in your mind as clearly as possible.

11. Add the dark purple or violet thread to the needle, then carefully sew your charm bag shut all the while picturing in your mind your spell’s completion and success as you recite the following words (or whatever comes naturally from your heart at this moment):

“Wanted by evil
as dark as night
I cloak you now in witch’s light.
To give you time
to flee or fight
You are now hidden
from demon’s sight!”

* For added power, embroider any symbols or magickal sigils of your faith, love, or protection onto the bag.

12. Allow your spell candles to burn all the way down (make sure you do this someplace where you can keep an eye on the flame!) Finish your spell by placing this charm bag someplace special for at least 24hrs such as under your pillow, or on your windowsill where it can be charged by the light of the sun and moon.

Once fully charged with your love and magickal energy, gift the charm bag to whoever it is you crafted it for and instruct them to carry it with them always until they are out of their current turbulent situation. They can also choose to place the charm bag under their pillow at night or on their own windowsill to maintain its magickal supercharged state.

If ever they start to feel unsafe or as if the charm is losing its potency, have them return to you with the bag so that you can refresh any sigils, herbs, or oils and to bless the charm again with your magick. To do this, simply light another white spell candle for them and at least one purple candle.

Hold the charm bag over your third eye chakra and recite your magickal chant once more. Then return the charm to its keeper. Allow the new spell candles to burn all the way down. And if you chose to use this time to freshen up any herbs or other ingredients in their charm bag make sure to reseal it with new thread as well as with the same energy level of love and intention as before.

Final note

And there you have it my dears! The meaning of purple candles and a couple of my more powerful spells to harness the psychic and protective properties of Purple Colour Magick!

I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helps you along your magickal journey. And if you liked this one, just wait until you see what’s coming next in the Colour Magick 101 series!

See you there!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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