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Passionate Pink Candle Meaning & Symbolism (Explained)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Welcome and well met to the fifth article of my brand new magickal series, “Candle Colour Magick 101“! Today, we’ll learn more about pink candle meaning, magickal usages, and symbolism!

Pink Candle Meaning & Magick

While all pink spell candles work to draw both compassion and tenderness to the caster, stronger pinks can be used to further intensify or even to speed up the results of a spell or other magickal working.

Pink Magick is linked to the heart chakra and can be used in offerings or petitions to the divines who govern matters of the heart such as Aphrodite, Venus, or Eros. It is through the use of pink magick and its link to the heart that many blush-pink stones such as the ever-popular Rose Quartz, are able to inspire, amplify, and even protect a kind of love within that is both selfless and truly unconditional.

Pink Candle Naia Moonbrook
My lovely pink candle.

What Do Pink Coloured Candles Represent?

In the world of colour magick, Red is the colour of fiery passion and intense desire whereas Pink is the colour of emotional well-being, sensuality, and all gentler matters of the heart. You should choose a pink candle for your spell or ritual whenever you wish to nurture or grow in compassion and self-love, or to attract a self-less kind of love from others.

Pink Magick can also lend a very helpful gentle energy frequency to some kinds of forgiveness spells and to many reconciliation rituals.

Pale or Light Pink spell candles magickally vibrate on a far more gentle and tender scale, working slowly yet steadily to bring about the desired outcome or manifest the intended feelings. Magenta or Darker Pink on the other hand, as well as Hot Pink and Neon Pink, tend to take that tender loving energy and kick it up a notch!

What Are Pink Coloured Candles Used For?

Dark pink spell candles can also be used to attract a new lover into your life, especially if the new lover you seek is female. Pale or light pink spell candles can be used to encourage or nurture budding friendships, to improve self-love or confidence, to discover your inner truth, and in the art of self-care or personal beauty rituals.

I personally prefer to use a very dark or rich pink coloured spell candle for any of my spells or rituals that involve sexual energy, sexual confidence (or when dealing with body image), sensuality, social popularity, and playful flirtation.

Simple Spells Using Pink Candles

Magick Mirror – Beauty Spell

Magick Mirror - Beauty Spell

This spell is one of my personal favourites to cast whenever I am feeling down or in need of a reminder that I am a goddess in my own right and I am beautiful inside and out – give it a try!

Magickal Materials:

  • 6x Dark or Light Pink Spell Candles
  • Candle Holders or Plates (any material really, whatever resonates strongest with you – whatever you find most beautiful – I love crystal or stone/marble).
  • Wooden matches (preferably no metal lighters!)
  • A Mirror (preferably a smaller hand mirror but a mirror on the wall will do in a pinch if you do not own a hand mirror).
  • Pink Lipstick
  • *Pink Himalayan Bath Salt (Optional)
  • *Rose Water or Essential Oil (Optional)

Magickal Method:
1. Go into your bathroom, light your pink spell candles and place them all around the tub or wherever is safe if there isn’t any room. Turn off all other lights and run yourself a nice hot bath with a bit of pink himalayan bath salts and rose water. Stay in the bath for as long as you feel the need to. Really take a moment to pamper yourself and to get into the right mindset for your beauty spell. Of course, this step is completely optional however, I personally like to do this type of self-love preparation any time I am going to be casting any sort of beauty spells or for any ritual that may deal with strong emotional cleansing.

2. After your “me time”, find someplace quiet where you can work without interruption. Try to pick someplace that you find visually beautiful if using a hand mirror, or somewhere where you do your makeup every day. For example, I like to cast my beauty spells while seated at my vanity.

3. Once you find yourself someplace quiet to cast with your mirror close at hand or in front of you, surround the mirror with your pink spell candles and relight them if they have gone out. If you happen to have a bit of the pink himalayan salt or rose water left lying around then sprinkle some of it around this sacred space to further raise the magickal vibrations of your spellwork.

4. Lean in and gaze into the mirror…

5. Slowly put on the pink lipstick and take a few moments to admire yourself in the candlelight – just take some time to be present in the moment and to really embrace your inner goddess and the self-empowering energy.

It is vitally important for the success of this spell that you do not allow any negative energy or thoughts to distract you from your goal as you look at yourself in the mirror.

If there is something about your physical appearance that you find displeasing, now is not the time to give those things any of your attention or energy. Instead, focus on the positive, on the things you love about yourself. For example, if you don’t like the shape of your nose, focus instead on the beautiful way the candlelight shimmers in your irises.

If you do not like your freckles, focus on your curls…and so on. Remember, this is a sacred space and only positive energy is welcome here.

6. Once you feel as though you are ready and your intent is clear, softly whisper the following words three times:

“Mirror Mirror, on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?
I clear my gaze, I seek to see
The beauty that resides in me.

Make it shine and make it bright
like a beacon in the night.
Clear for me, and all to see
the love and beauty that is in me.

Mirror Mirror, on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?
Clear for me and all to see
Eternal Beauty lives in me.
This is my will, so mote it be.”

7. Repeat the words three times this day and for another two days until you have performed this magick ritual for three days each time lighting the same pink spell candles until they have burnt down and nothing remains.

I like to end this beauty ritual by blowing out my spell candles and spritzing a bit of my favourite sweet-smelling perfume on my wrists and neck to seal the spell.

Passionate Pink Candle Meaning & Symbolism by The Mystic Corner

Quick Protection Spell/Blessing for Pets

Quick Protection Spell and Blessing for Pets

This magick spell is known to act very quickly. This is because it derives most of its strength directly from your own powerful energy and the unconditional love that you carry in your heart for your pet which is further magnified by the magickal vibrations of pink magick.

(Scroll down to find two popular alternative incantations/blessings for both cats and dogs specifically which call upon the blessings of the Moon Goddess Diana and the Cat Goddess Bastet respectively. The main incantation given with this spell is useful for a generic casting or for a casting regarding a pet that is not either a cat or dog or for witches and spell casters who do not have a working relationship with either Diana or Bastet in their practice and craft).

Magickal Materials:

  • A Single Pale or Light Pink Spell Candle
  • Rose Water or Essential Oil
  • A Bit of Fur/Feather/Whisker/Claw (Freely Given! Wait for it to fall off naturally!)
  • Paper and Pen (black ink is fine but pink is a bonus!)
  • A Heat-proof or Fire Safe Bowl
  • Your Beloved Pet Close By (either in the room or even your lap, just make sure they do not accidentally knock over the candle or burn themselves!)
  • 1x Wooden Match (preferably no metal lighters!)
  • Candle Holder (of any material)

Magickal Method:
1. Take your pink spell candle and lightly dress it with the rose water or essential oil, making sure to hold your intent clearly in your mind or to speak it out loud as you do.

2. Place the freshly anointed spell candle into its holder in front of you and strike the match. Light your spell candle and take a few moments to focus on the love you have for your little furry/scaley/feathery friend and the protective barrier you wish to erect around them.

3. Imagine the warm glow from your candle radiating out and surrounding them with its warmth and protection.

4. Take your pen and write out on the piece of paper the name of your pet and any symbols or sigils of love and protection that resonate most with you personally and your magickal practice.

5. Place their fur/feather/claw/whisker etc into the center of the piece of paper and then carefully fold it towards your body three to six times as you maintain the visualization of a
protective aura or barrier made up of your love and positive energy that now surrounds your pet.

6. Burn the paper very carefully in the flame and then place it in the heat-proof bowl for safe keeping as it burns down to ash.

7. Now pick up your pet in your arms and recite these words aloud or clearly in your mind:

“God and Goddess
wise and old
Bless this creature that I hold.”

8. Repeat this spell prayer as many times as you feel is necessary before putting down your pet, snuffing out the spell candle, and taking the ashes of your petition outside to be carried to the divines by the wind. (It also doesn’t hurt to thank the element of Air for its assistance as you do this…)

Popular Alternative Incantation for Cats if the spell caster has a relationship with Bastet/Bast:

“Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race.
Shield (name of pet) from all hurt and harm
And keep him/her always safe and warm.
Watch over (name of pet) from day to day,
And guide him/her home if he/she should stray.
And grant him/her much happiness
And a good life free from strife or stress.”
Popular Alternative Incantation for Dogs if the spell caster has a relationship with Diana or Artemis:
“Diana, Goddess of the Wild,
Keeper of dogs both fierce and mild.
Hold (name of pet) safely in your arms,
And protect this creature from all harm.
And should the day come that he/she should roam,
Guide him/her to the path back home.
Bless (name of pet) with a joyful life,
Free of hardship, stress, and strife.”

And there you have it my lovelies! The meaning of pink candles and a couple of my favourite spells to harness the tender caring energy that is Pink Magick! I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helps you along your magickal journey.

And if you liked this one, just wait until you see what’s coming next in the Colour Magick 101 series!

See you there!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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