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Fairy Green Candle Meaning & Symbolism (Explained)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Welcome and well met to the fourth article of my brand new magickal series, “Candle Colour Magick 101“! Today, we’ll learn more about green candle meaning, magickal usages, and symbolism!

Green Candle Meaning & Magick

The colour green symbolizes growth in every sense of the word. A green spell candle attracts abundance, grounding energy, earthly well-being such as financial wealth or physical health, and spiritual growth.

What Do Green Coloured Candles Represent?

Green Magick is one of the core fundamental schools of magick that align with one of the five corner-stone elements in nature. Earth is the element that is most closely associated with the colours Green and to a lesser extent, Brown. It is represented in the North of the sacred circle and its spiritual or fae guardians are said to be the mischievous yet hard-working gnomes.

The element of Earth and thus its corresponding shades of Green and Brown are said to be both practical and grounded. It is the energy that is most necessary when hard work or re-focus is needed. Earth represents life in all of its many shades and stages. It is curious and playful as well as sturdy and steadfast.

The energy of Green Magick is ever-flowing and ever-growing, like a sturdy tree branch in the wind, it may bend yet never break.

Green Candle Naia Moonbrook
My lovely green candle.

What Are Green Coloured Candles Used For?

Traditionally, Green Magick resonates with all magick spells and rituals which lend themselves to any sort of growth or abundance. It is because of this natural affinity for prosperity and change that Green Magick is often used for spells regarding financial wealth or gain, as well as good fortune or luck.

It can be used for prosperity spells, employment spells, health and wellness, and pretty much all magickal workings that involve Nature or seek to invoke the power or blessings of Gaia (aka Mother Earth – the goddess said to literally embody the Earth) or any other nature diety such as Cernunnos (the horned god).

Green Magick and green objects are also useful when making offerings or petitions to the natural Fae such as the gnomes or garden nymphs. Light Green or Pale Green is often used to invoke the lighter qualities of the Earth element such as good luck, rebirth, and fertility.

Light Green is a good choice for Faery workings and magickal rites of Springtime especially those which coincide with the Spring Equinox or Ostara.

Simple Spells Using Green Candles

Money Flow Spell

Money Flow Spell

This simple candle magick spell is an easy and fun way to give your finances a little boost! This is a great spell for when you need a little bit of extra cash but you can’t figure out how to make that happen.

It’s also a great “beginner-friendly” spell for those who may be new to magic—give it a try and see what happens!

Magickal Materials:

  • 1x Green Candle (either Light or Dark Green is fine).
  • 1x Gold or Silver Pin (think sewing pins!)
  • A Small Candle Holder (any material is fine but I prefer to use crystal, stone, or terracotta when working with green magick – something natural).
  • 1x Wooden Match (preferably no metal lighters!)
  • 1-2x Drops of Patchouli Essential Oil (you can use olive oil in a pinch if you do not have any patchouli oil).
  • A Pinch of Dried Basil (for prosperity and good fortune!)

Magickal Method:

1. Begin this money spell by sitting quietly in your room or better yet your home office/work-space if you work at home. Calm your mind with a few deep breaths and moments of meditation.

2. Once you feel that your mind is clear and your thoughts focused, it’s time to begin! This spell is unique from previous spells I have written about up until now as for this spell I have chosen to include a candle dressing. Candle dressing is the act of anointing your spell candle in some sort of natural oils, liquids, and herbs whose magickal properties best vibrationally align with, and amplify, your spell and its intent.

I will cover the art of candle dressing, along with several other examples of both simple as well as complex candle dressings and blessings in later posts but for now, all you need is your patchouli or olive oil and some lovely dried basil.

3. Before dressing your green spell candle, take the gold or silver pin and carefully carve a pentacle or some other symbol or sigils of abundance and wealth (whatever speaks truest to you!) into the center of the body of the candle – gently blowing the carved wax shavings away with your breath as you do.

4. Now, anoint your freshly inscribed spell candle with the oil and then slowly roll it in the dried basil so that the herb sticks to the candle’s body. Place the candle in its holder with the inscription facing you.

5. Spend just a few moments to focus on the symbol or sigils that you drew and what they mean to you. This practice will help to further clarify and intensify your intent for the spell. Now conjure up the feeling of excitement of receiving money or gifts unexpectedly! Visualize yourself standing in a flowing stream, with waters that are clear as crystal, and with a stream bed that is filled with shining gold coins and brightly coloured stones.

6. Once you have completely captured this image in your mind, strike the match and light your spell candle while softly speaking the following words (or whatever comes from your heart in this very moment):

“With this fire, I summon Nature’s forces,
Money now flows to me from hidden sources..”

7. Leave the spell candle to burn down completely (make sure it is in a safe place and not left unattended) once all of the wax is melted down and the wick flickers out for good, gather up the remaining wax and place it in your purse or wallet to carry with you until your spell manifests (then bury it in the garden once done).

Note: The trick is with this spell, as with many others, is to avoid trying to figure out how the extra money will find its way to you or where it will show up in your life. Whenever you focus too much on the “how” of a spell, what you are actually signalling to the Universe is that you have doubt in your heart and that you do not trust in it or yourself or even your own magick to work. Stay positive and just Believe!

The spell is cast, your work is done, your dreams and goals manifest!

Fairy Green Candle Meaning & Symbolism by The Mystic Corner

Cinnamon Money Charm

Cinnamon Money Charm

A simple charm bag spell to increase the flow of your finances.

Magickal Materials:

  • 1x Green Candle (preferably dark green but light green is okay if you don’t have any dark).
  • 6x Coins
  • A Green Pouch or Sachet Bag (make sure that the bag has strings or ties.. if it does not, you can always add a bit of green or gold ribbon to this list in order to tie the bag shut at the end).
  • 1x Bay Leaf
  • Cinnamon (either bark, stick, or powdered is fine)
  • A Pen (black or green ink)
  • A Small Candle Holder (any material is fine but I prefer to use crystal, stone, or terracotta when working with green magick – something natural).
  • 1x Wooden Match (preferably no metal lighters!)

Magickal Method:

1. Begin this money charm by finding a private or quiet place where you can work and be alone with your thoughts. Take a couple of moments to center yourself and really hone in on what your intent for this spell will be.

2. Once you have your intent set, its time to begin. Place the green spell candle into its holder and set it down in front of you. Strike the match and light your candle making sure to maintain the intentions for this spell in the forefront of your mind as you do so.

3. Now, take the pen and carefully write on the back of the bay leaf what it is you most desire. For example, you could write a simple phrase or affirmation such as: “Money problems go away” or “Financial wealth comes my way” whatever you choose – be specific! As will all spells, it is vitally important that your intentions remain clear and specific during the casting process. To simply ask for abundance could result in an abundance of money as well as sickness or to ask for only luck might see an increase in both good and bad luck. Be mindful and choose your spell words carefully!

4. Flip the bay leaf over and write out your full name then place the leaf into your charm bag.

5. Add the 6 coins one by one and then the cinnamon.

6. Give your new charm bag a little shake to stir up and activate its energies and then tie off the bag with its strings, ties, or some ribbon.

7. Last but not least, lock in this charm spell’s magickal intent by lifting your spell candle up and carefully allowing its green wax to drip down onto the tied knot further sealing it shut (I like to allow a decent-sized pool of wax to form on the ribbon strands before sealing it like an old letter scroll with a wax press that I custom-crafted by carving powerful sigils into a bit of clay and forming it into a press before leaving it to dry and set completely – I have a great many of these nifty little seals as they are fantastic for sealing custom spells with intentions and I really love using wax seals in my rituals and spell writing – give them a try!)

Note: A simple bit of the green wax to cover the knot will easily suffice if you do not have or want to create a full wax seal.

8. Keep this new charm bag in your purse, pocket, or wallet to act as a magnet for wealth.

And there you have it my lovelies! The meaning of green candles and a couple of my favourite spells to harness the natural prosperity of Green Magick! I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helps you along your magickal journey.

And if you liked this one, just wait until you see what’s coming next in the Colour Magick 101 series!

See you there!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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