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How to Cast a Candle Spell for a Job? (Step-By-Step)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Greetings and well met my wonderful witchy friends to the world of magick and to my own cosy little Mystic Corner! For those of you who are new to my site, my name is Naia Moonbrook and I have spent the past several years honing my own unique blend of witchcraft and helping others just like you as a seasoned spellcaster and professional witch!

As an experienced witch and spellcaster, I have always strived to strengthen our witchy community and to disbar as many of the negative misconceptions about our way of life and spiritual practices whenever possible and so, not so long ago, this website was born! The Mystic Corner is a place and safe space where you can come to learn about and explore many of the different paths in witchcraft and to hopefully find any of the answers that you seek to achieve your own magickal success! And speaking of magickal success, let’s dive into today’s article, shall we? Success and Prosperity Magick! Or, to put it more precisely, how you can cast a candle spell for a job you are sure to love!

What is a “Candle Spell”?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how to cast a specific candle spell to land your dream job, let us first take a moment to discuss just what exactly I mean when I say “Candle Spell” for those of you who may be brand new to the magickal arts. Well, to put it simply, a “Candle Spell” is – at its very essence – a spell that is cast while using a candle that has been intentionally chosen for the unique spell being cast based on its colour, size, and magickal dressing but it is actually much more than that.

You see, “Candle Spells” make use of one of the most common and yet most powerful magickal tools in a witch’s arsenal: Spell Candles. (Makes sense right?) Of course, what sets Spell Candles apart from regular old everyday candles is unique to that particular witch and his or her practice however a few constants remain throughout the most common witchcraft practices and traditions which are that Spell Candles:
? Are chosen specifically and mindfully for the specific spell or spells in question.

? Possess certain magickal qualities that assist you during your spell via raising its vibrational energies usually through the use of corresponding Colour Magick and Dressings/Oils.

? Have wax that has been magickally supercharged and imbued with the spell’s specific intentions via the act of anointing the spell candle in magickal oil blends and ceremoniously dressing the candle with corresponding herbs, stones, crystals, and other organic or magickal materials to further assist in the accumulation of powerful energy for your spell.

? Have been properly cleansed and stored to ensure there are no outside influences or lingering negative energies attached to the candle which might otherwise interfere with or alter your active spell casting.

Of course, the above are simply basic guidelines and your own unique flavour of witchcraft might use any, all, or more of them. Throughout my many years of exploration and experience, I have come to learn that what truly makes magick beautiful and indeed incredibly powerful is that it posses a truly and deeply personal connection to each individual witch’s spirit.

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How to Cast a Candle Spell for a Job?

Alrighty then! Now that that little clarification is out of the way, what do you say we get into the real reason you found yourself drawn here? Learning to cast a candle spell to find or secure a new job!


The following spell is one of my simplest, beginner-friendly, success spells that will hopefully help you to manifest the job or career you have been dreaming of! Of course, with magick, as with all things in life, there are no 100% guarantees of success and this spell is no exception to this rule however if cast correctly it should help you to tug on those tiny strings of fate and give the universe a gentle nudge in the direction you desire. As always, if you have any questions after the article feel free to reach out to me, and if you feel like a more advanced approach or experienced hand is needed, check out my new spells page to order your very own unique spell casting today cast by yours truly with all of my witchy know-how, tried-and-true methods, and rare high quality materials!

Career Candle Casting:

Magickal Materials:

✨A Tall Green or Golden Yellow Coloured Spell Candle – Cleansed and consecrated according to your own magickal path or tradition.

✨9x Silver or Golden Straight Pins – You could use simple silver sewing needles instead however, straight pins are preferred in a corresponding colour (silver, gold, yellow, or green).

✨A Couple of Wooden Matches – When working with candle magick I tend to shy away from using any sort of metal or plastic lighters. This is because wooden matches possess a far more natural and organic energy that lends itself better to the success of my spell-work.

✨A Simple Candle Holder crafted from any material although in keeping with the more natural and organic energies I personally love to use a smooth crystal or marble candle holder.

✨4-5x Drops of your favourite Money, Prosperity, or Abundance Oil Blend – Check out this article I wrote about using green candle magick to attract money to snag a simple and easy recipe for one of my own personal “Quick Money Oil Blends”.

✨About 1/4 tsp or just a pinch of Ground Cinnamon – Often used for protection and attraction magick as well as for clarity!

✨Just a Pinch of Ground or better yet, some freshly Grated Nutmeg – Used by witches the world over for its strong spiritual connection to the mighty Jupiter as well as success and good luck!

✨A Teaspoon or Two of Light Brown Sugar or Muscovado Sugar – To help sweeten the hearts of your potential employers/interviewers.

✨One Dried Bay Leaf – Renowned in the witching world for its magickal connections to attraction, good fortune, prosperity, and fruitful endeavors!

✨A Mortar and Pestle or Simple Bowl and Sturdy Spoon for gently crushing up and thoroughly mixing your magickal candle dressing and oils.

✨A Piece of Paper or Spell Parchment and a Pencil or Green Inked Pen

Magickal Method:

Step 1. Begin this career candle spell by gently mixing up each of your oil and magickal dressing ingredients. Add your chosen oil blend into a small bowl or mortar and give it a good little stir about 2-3 times in a deosil or clockwise motion to wake up the blend’s energies and incredible aroma! Now add in your ground cinnamon, ground or grated nutmeg, and brown sugar and give the mixture another 2-3 gentle stirs using the same directional motion. Congratulations! You have just crafted your very own magickal candle dressing!

Witchy Tip: In witchcraft, we often use a deosil or clockwise motion whenever we wish to attract or summon something to us and a widdershins or counterclockwise motion whenever we wish to banish or to send something away from us. However, bear in mind that these directions, along with certain other common witchcraft traditions such as the wheel of the year or Esbats and Sabbats, will vary depending on whether you live within the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere so please do remember to adjust your own spells and practices accordingly!)

Step 2. Grab your cleansed green or golden yellow spell candle and, using the fingers of your most dominant hand, slowly dress your candle with the magickal mixture you have created. For this spell, you will want to dress the candle in a top to bottom motion moving towards your chest and making certain not to get any of the oily mixture on the actual wick of the candle. (If you would like to learn more about the different candle dressing methods check out my article on [how to dress a candle for love] for the two most common and beginner-friendly methods).

Step 3. Place your candle on a windowsill or somewhere secure outdoors and allow the dressing to sit overnight in the light of a full moon – this will begin the active spell cycle to help you gauge the expected manifestation time and success of your spell – if all has gone well you should begin to notice manifestation of the spell and receive some sort of new job or career opportunity by the end this lunar cycle aka by the next full moon.

Step 4. After your spell candle has been allowed to sit for at least one full night but up to a week in the moonlight, gently carve away at its wax with one of the straight pins or some sort of small sharp tool. You want to be careful so as not to accidentally scrape off all of your candle dressing! The symbols or magickal sigils you choose to carve are mostly up to you here however, I encourage you to use any words of empowerment that make you feel confident and optimistic as these are the emotions that you ideally want to infuse into your spell candle and to carry with you into any new job interview!

Step 5. Next, measure out nine roughly equal portions of the candle. You do not have to be exact here just try to eyeball it as best you can so that each section is made up of mostly the same length of candle wax. As you measure out each individual section of the candle, firmly push one of your straight pins into the wax being especially careful not to accidentally push too hard and split or break the candle. You basically just want it so that there are nine pins spaced equally apart and sticking more or less halfway out of the wax all the way down along its side in a straight line. It is incredibly important that as you do this, as you measure out each portion of the candle and push each new pin into the wax that you focus all of your magickal energy and intention on a different desired quality to come in your new job. If it helps, perhaps take a moment to come up with all nine job traits or qualities beforehand, for example, you may wish for your new job to come with a dedicated parking spot, for it to be closer to your home or your kid’s school to make morning commutes easier, you may desire a higher rate of pay or a company car. Whatever your goals, now is the time to really narrow them down and seal them into your candle magick.

Step 6. Now, grab your spell parchment paper and a pencil or green inked pen and as clearly as possible write out any and all of the things that you would love to have accompany your new job. Be sure to include each of the nine qualities that you have chosen to lock into your spell candle as well as jotting down any possible promotion details, titles, benefits, etc. Take this time to really think about where you are in your life or current career and where you want to be when the spell has worked its magick!

Step 7. Once finished writing out all of your hopes and magickal intentions, fold up the parchment making sure to fold towards yourself three to six times, and then set it to the side. It is time to light your spell candle!

Step 8. Take a deep breath, clear your mind of any and all distracting thoughts, and really focus your spiritual energy on finding and obtaining the job of your dreams. Focus your emotions and imagine how good it will feel when you get that call back you have been hoping for. Reflect on each of the nine key qualities that you are searching for. Now, strike a match and light your spell candle. As you speak the following words aloud over and over again, very carefully dip your folded petition paper into the spell flame and set it aside in a heatproof or dish to safely burn down completely to ash. (Careful not to burn your fingers here! The parchment can go up in flames faster than you might think! And remember, never leave a burning spell candle or petition unattended.)

“Perform this magickal deed for me, bring to me this job I need.

As I will it so mote it be.”

Step 9. Allow your spell candle to safely burn down until the first of your straight pins is reached and has fallen from the wax then gently snuff it out and place the fallen pin to the side. If you so desire, you can bury or even sprinkle the ashes of your burnt spell petition paper outdoors thus inviting the remaining elements of earth, air, and water to also lend your spell their own powerful energies and assistance in carrying your spirit’s wish out into the Universe.

Step 10. Relight your spell candle and repeat the spell’s incantation every night for the next eight consecutive nights for a total of nine until each of your straight pins has fallen from its wax and then responsibly and respectfully dispose of any candle remains.

Witchy Tip: Spell remains are powerful, sacred pieces of your craft which no longer serve your needs yet should still be treated with proper care and respect. Check out this article I wrote detailing the [best and easiest ways to properly dispose of leftover spell materials!]

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How to Cast a Candle Spell for a Job pin

Final Thoughts:

And there you have it my lovelies! How to cast a candle spell for a job! Here’s hoping you give this one a try and that it brings you all of the success and blessings you desire! Of course, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, magick and spells can be fickle things often prone to outside influence therefore your own manifestation results may vary, however! If you find that you are having some difficulty in obtaining the magickal results you so desire, then definitely give this article on the top ten reasons spells fail and how to fix them a read! Hopefully, it will help you to divine just what exactly might be going wrong with your spell and what, if anything, needs to be changed for you to achieve magickal success!

And of course, if you would simply prefer to skip all of the hassle or uncertainty and the messy materials, why not give my brand new spells page a look over? I currently offer all sorts of magickal castings with new services being added nearly every week like this awesome Job Finder Spell Casting or this Money Magnet Spell! (Castings typically performed within 24 hours of ordering) Don’t see a spell or service that meets your unique situation? Try a Custom White Magick Spell Casting or shoot me an email at [email protected] for a free consultation! I’m always happy to help!

Until Next Time!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,

Naia Moonbrook

Naia Moonbrook

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