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How To Dress A Candle For Money? (Step-By-Step)


by Naia Moonbrook


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For centuries, candles of all different shapes, colours, and sizes have played an important role in the magickal rituals and spells of countless religions and ancient traditions. In the world of magick, spell candles serve as powerful beacons for our own magickal energy and can take on various forms depending on the ritual or spell that is being cast and the amount or even type of energy that is required.

There is a great deal of magickal symbolism that can be linked to each candle colour as well as how that candle burns.

There are even specific types of candles or candle colours for specific types of spells and castings. If you would like to learn more about the various candle colour vibrations and their magickal uses, please be sure to check out my beginner’s guide to Candle Colour Magick 101 series!

In today’s article, we will be delving deep into the art of spell candle dressing and discovering ways that you can dress a candle for money!

What is Candle “Dressing”?

Alright so, you have already determined which specific candle colour, shape, and size is required for your desired spell or magickal outcome and you have taken the time to properly cleanse said spell candle of all lingering or negative energies. Now what?

Well, now your candle wax is what I like to refer to as a “magickal blank slate.” This simply means that the wax has had all outside influences fully removed and is now ready and waiting for you to charge and empower it with your own magickal energy.

In fact, candle wax is an extremely useful tool in most witchcraft, spellwork, and in many other magickal traditions across the globe.

Spell candle wax, in particular, serves to absorb all of the metaphysical energies that flow within and around us, encapsulating them to be released later on once the candle is activated.

Once lit, a spell candle will activate and release all of this stored up energy, amplified by its own colourful vibrations, and intensify the results of whichever spell was cast with it. In this way, we witches are able to utilize spell candles as powerful vessels into which we may pour our own magickal energies and intentions in order to further increase the power of our spells and to better manifest all of our spellbound desires.

When it comes to more advanced magick, however, the act of choosing which sorts of magickal materials and/or oils to dress and prepare your spell candles tends to become equally as important as the act of choosing a correct spell candle in the first place.

My way of doing it. 🙂

In witchcraft, the art of correctly selecting the most magickally suited spell candles, ingredients, timing, materials, and navigating all of the other various influences whether magickal or mundane, is that which serves to separate the truly powerful from the novice.

This skill, carefully developed and honed over time is also what will determine and overall increase the likelihood that your spellwork or rituals will not only work as you intended but that they will do so quickly and consistently!

To further enhance the intensity or magickal potency of a specific spell or ritual, many learned witches and casters often choose to “dress” or to consecrate and bless their spell candles before beginning to light or work with them. In essence, the purpose of a witch dressing their spell candle is to forge a powerful link between themselves, their intention, and the spell candle’s wax.

Dressing a spell candle serves to add yet another magickal/vibrational layer to our spells and to increase their power, accuracy, and, in some cases, the speed at which they may manifest our magick.

What Sort Of Ingredients Should I Use?

The magickal act of dressing a spell candle can be adjusted to be as simple or as complex as you personally feel is necessary for your own magickal practice or traditions.

However, I have found that the more magickal materials I use to increase the potency, and the rarer – more natural – my ingredients are the stronger and more powerful my spells will become!

The truly important thing to remember here is quality and intent. The more potent the mix, the more potent the magick!

Witchy Tip:

As I mentioned above, the quality of magickal materials and ingredients is key! Therefore, I feel it is necessary to warn you against the careless or accidental use of fragrance oils in place of pure essential oils when dressing your spell candles or when conjuring magick of any kind.

You see, fragrance oils are not to be confused with nor substituted for essential oils in your spell or ritual castings.

To do so would at best result in a fizzled out spell or, at worst, a dangerous backfire! Yes, these types of oils may seem significantly cheaper or even easier to get your hands on but this is because they are synthetic chemicals with absolutely zero magickal energy or metaphysical value.

Essential oils on the other hand come from plants and natural life. When working with spells or magick rituals we are inevitably working with the forces and essence of nature.

Essential oils carry the magickal properties and vibrational energies of the plants they were produced from making them powerful tools in magick whereas fragrance oils do not hold such powerful energy and are simply cheap chemical imitations.

Here’s How To Dress A Candle For Money

There are countless magickal oil blends and herbal concoctions that can be used to dress a candle for money. That being said, here is a very simple step by step guide for a rather easy candle dressing that you can try on your own at home.

If you mix it correctly and pair it with the right candle and spell, it will serve to draw wealth and prosperity your way…

Step One

Begin by carefully inscribing the spell candle. Taking a small straight pin, sewing needle, rose thorn, nail, or another sharp object, gently carve the amount of money that you wish to have drawn to you into the wax of a green or silver spell candle.

Green Candle Naia Moonbrook
My lovely green candle.

You can use this time to inscribe any other symbols of wealth, magickal sigils, or words such as prosperity, money, or wealth into the candle as well.

Inscribe your carvings lengthwise along the side of the spell candle, stopping approximately one inch from the candle’s base and wick.

Step Two

After you have properly carved and marked your spell candle, it is time to apply the magickal materials you plan on using to intensify and strengthen your spellwork. These materials may consist of one, or multiple magickal oils, powders, minerals, and/or dried herbs and flowers or any other unique ingredients which magickally correspond to your specific spell or ritual.

For this particular guide, we are going to be using a simple yet effective mix of both Money Drawing Oil and Quick Money Oil.

We will also be adding dried bay leaves for good luck and attraction, ground cinnamon or cinnamon bark for fortune and abundance, and ground cloves for protection and prosperity.

Step Three

There are many different methods and traditions for anointing your spell candle – some more complex than others. For the purpose of this beginner’s guide, I will only be covering two of the more simple methods…

Candle Dressing Method One:

Take your freshly carved spell candle and hold it gently but firmly in your non-dominant hand so that its wick is pointing outward and its base is pointing towards your chest. Now, with your dominant hand, slowly dip your index finger into the oils and rub it onto the candle starting at the top and slowly moving down in a singular motion from the wick to the base.

Make sure to leave just enough room at the bottom of the candle for you to be able to hold it without it slipping from your grip.

Repeat this action, dipping your index finger into the oils and rubbing it gently from the wick to the base until the entire spell candle is covered with oil. As you are dressing your candle with the oils, visualize the outcome that you desire.

Focus your mind entirely on your spell’s purpose as you imbue the candle’s wax with your magickal intent. Remember, never rub your candle up and down in the same motion – always wipe the oil in the same direction.

And always anoint your spell candles with your power or dominant hand. In this first simple method for candle dressing, we anoint from the wick to the base moving towards our body for spells in which we seek to bring something towards us or to manifest something into our lives.

For spells with which we seek to remove something or banish something from our lives we would do exactly the same except instead of dressing the candle towards ourselves from the wick to the base we would choose to dress the candle away from ourselves starting at the base of the candle and moving towards the wick (make sure to avoid getting the oil on the actual wick).

Candle Dressing Method Two:

Many witches and spiritualists believe that you should begin dressing a spell candle at the middle, working from the middle of the candle towards the wick, and then from the middle towards the base of the candle for spells that seek to remove or banish something.

Likewise, they also believe that you should begin from the base and move towards the center and then from the wick to the center for spells which seek to draw something in or to manifest your desires.

Dressing or anointing a spell candle in this way is believed to increase the potency of your spell or prayer by sending it from the center or “heart” of the spell candle itself out into the Universe.

How To Dress A Candle For Money by The Mystic Corner

Step Four

Whichever method of candle dressing you choose, remember to keep your energy focused on your desired spell outcome – in this case, you want to focus all of your magickal energy on visualizing the influx of cash flow into your life and the specific amount you wish to manifest.

If you do not actually have a specific amount of money in mind, try an all-purpose approach, and focus your intentions on improving your current financial status or situation.

Step Five

After you’ve finished applying the oils and imbuing your spell candle with your intent, gently crush the dried bay leaves, cloves, and cinnamon bark and sprinkle them onto a small plate or dish. Gently roll the freshly anointed candle in the mix allowing it to stick to the candle’s body all over.

Each of these wealth-inspired ingredients will merge with the candle’s wax and oils and lend their unique magickal properties to the power of your money spell.

Step Six: (optional)

Allow your dressed spell candle, especially if you chose a silver candle, to sit comfortably on your windowsill where it can be further charged by the energy of the moonlight before casting your spell in the dew of the morning.

The moon’s gentle silver glow will add an additional layer of bountiful energy to your spell as well as a powerful blessing for your prosperity from the lunar goddess.

Bonus Recipe:

– Quick Money Oil –

  • 5x Drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • 5x Drops of Patchouli
  • 2x Drops of Ginger Root Essential Oil
  • 2x Drops of Vetivert
  • 1x Drop of Orange Blossom Oil
  • About 20x Drops of Olive Oil to act as the carrier.

As you blend the oils, visualize your intent, and take in the aroma. Label, date, and store in a cool, dark place.

And, there you have it! A very basic way to dress a candle for money and a few extra witchy tips to help you manifest your goals!

Until Next Time!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

Naia Moonbrook

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