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How To Use Green Candle To Attract Money? (Easy to Follow)


by Naia Moonbrook


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Traditionally, Green Magick resonates strongly with magickal spells or rituals which lend themselves to any sort of change in personal growth or life abundance. It is because of this natural affinity for prosperity and change that Green Magick is often used by many witches in spells regarding specifically financial wealth or gain, as well as encouraging good fortune or improving our luck.

The colour green possesses strong symbolic ties to natural growth as well as rejuvenation whether spiritually, physically, or even financially. In this article, we will be covering how to use a green candle to attract money using one of my all-time favourite Green Candle Money Spells as well as a bonus recipe for an amazing Quick Money Oil blend!

Here’s how I do it! 🙂

Witchy Tip: Attracting cash flow or money with green candles and money spells is a magickal process with outcomes and manifestation speeds that tend to vary wildly depending on a lot of outside factors such as the time of casting, any other magickal materials used, the specific wording of the spell, clarity of intention, or even simply the skill of the witch who is casting.

A Spell To Attract Money With A Green Candle

Money Flow Spell

Money Flow Spell

This simple candle magick spell is an easy and fun way to give your finances a boost! This is a great spell for when you need a little bit of extra cash but you can’t figure out how to make that happen.

It’s also a great “beginner-friendly” spell for those of you who may be completely new to magic—give it a try and see what happens!

Magickal Materials:

  • 1x Green Spell Candle (either Light or Dark Green is fine).
  • 1x Gold or Silver Pin (think sewing pins!)
  • A Small Candle Holder (any material is fine but I prefer to use crystal, stone, or terracotta when working with green magick – something natural).
  • 1x Wooden Match (preferably no metal lighters!)
  • A Small Bottle of Quick Money Oil Blend (use olive oil as the carrier oil for a magickal hit of extra prosperity!)
  • 1-2x Teaspoons of Ground Cinnamon or Cinnamon Bark
  • 2-3 Ground Cloves
  • 2-3x Dried Bay Leaves
  • (optional but recommended) A Pinch or Two of Black Salt (to ward off and protect against unseen jealousy resulting from your success!)

Magickal Method:

Step One:

Begin this quick money spell by sitting quietly in your room or better yet in your home office/work-space if you happen to work from home. Calm and clear your mind of all distractions with a few deep breaths and moments of meditation.

Extra Power Boost: For best results, cast this spell on a Wednesday for quick cash or on a Thursday for long term wealth. Whichever day you choose make sure to cast during the waxing phase of the moon. The waxing phase of the moon is perfect for spells that seek to attract something new and when working with big life changes especially those dealing with money and careers. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury who brings quick cash, while Thursday is ruled by Jupiter who governs the long term accumulation and the preservation of wealth.

Step Two:

Once you feel that your mind is clear and your thoughts focused, it’s time to begin! This spell has an extra boost of prosperous power because for this spell I have chosen to include a magickally money-oriented candle dressing.

“Candle dressing” is the act of anointing your spell candle in some sort of natural oils, potions, and/or herbs and spices whose magickal properties best vibrationally align with, and amplify, your spell and its intent.

Step Three:

Start by taking the gold or silver sewing pin and begin to carve away the wax lengthwise along the side of the spell candle making sure to stop at least one inch from the base and the wick of the candle. You will want to focus your inscriptions on the theme of money and wealth.

Try scratching symbols such as the pentacle, dollar signs, or coins into your candle as well as the specific amount of cash that you are hoping to draw into your life. If you do not have a specific amount in mind (such as the balance of your credit card or your rent), try simply writing words like money, wealth, prosperity, or abundance into the wax instead along with any power symbols of your choosing.

As you carve away the wax, gently blow the shavings away using your breath – this will help you to infuse your own life force and powerful energy into the spell itself.

Step Four:

Once you have finished carving up your spell candle, it is time to apply your candle dressing and any other magickal materials that you may be planning to use in order to intensify or raise the energetic vibrations of your spell.

Of course, you could use any number of magickal oils, powders, minerals, herbs, flowers, or even glitters as long as they correctly corresponded to the specific spell you are casting. However, for this simple spell, we are going to be using one of my favourite custom blends of Prosperity and Abundance oil.

We will also be using a couple of dried bay leaves for their good luck and attraction properties, some ground cinnamon or nutmeg for a bit of good fortune and abundance, and lastly some ground clove spices for clarity and protection.

Step Five:

Over the centuries, both in witchcraft, as well as in many other pagan and magickal traditions, there have evolved a large variety of different means and methods for properly anointing and/or consecrating candles for different spells, prayers, and other ritual works – some of these methods can be far more complex and powerful than others.

However, because this is meant to be a very simple beginner’s guide, I have decided to only cover the most basic and common method used by witches and casters who are just starting out on their magickal journey.

If you would like to learn more about the different candle dressings and preparations for all sorts of different magickal practices and spells please feel free to read up on some of our other fantastic articles and helpful guides here at The Mystic Corner.

How To Dress A Candle For Money? (Step-By-Step)
How To Dress A Candle For Love Magick? (Step-by-Step)

The Simple Way To Dress A Spell Candle:

To begin preparing or “dressing” your candle for a spell, first take the freshly carved spell candle and hold it firmly in your non-dominant hand in such a way that they wick is pointing outward and the base of the candle is pointing towards your chest/heart.

Now, using your dominant hand, begin by dipping the tip of your index finger into your prosperity and abundance oil blend and lightly swirling it around in a deosil or clockwise motion three times. Once sufficiently oiled, take your index finger and, very slowly, apply it to the face of your spell candle starting at the top and moving your finger downward in a singular motion, without lifting up, from the wick of the candle down to its base.

Try to make sure that you leave at least a little space towards the bottom of the candle so that you can still hold onto it comfortably without it accidentally slipping from your grip as you continue the dressing process.

Continue to anoint the spell candle with the oil blend in this manner – moving your index finger slowly from the wick to the base towards your heart making sure to remember to not lift your finger at all once it has made contact with the candle wax and to only caress the oil in one direction (not up and down).

Also, do not forget to stir the oil three times in a clockwise motion each and every time that your finger returns to the shallow dish or bottle for more oil.

Witchy Tip: I know that this might seem like a lot of very specific direction or ceremonial steps but there is always a reason for everything that we do in the world of magick. The care and mindfulness of your actions as you dress your candle will only serve to further strengthen your bond with this magickal tool as well as intensify the energy and intent of your spell casting.

A Note About Candle Dressing: In this super easy method for candle dressing, we always anoint our candle from its wick to its base making sure to move towards our body’s center for any spells in which we are seeking to bring something towards us or to manifest something into our lives (in this case we are wanting to conjure up and draw in wealth and prosperity).

If we had been casting a spell with which we sought to remove something or to banish something from our lives, however, then we would do the exact same thing except that we would stir the oil three times in a widdershins or counterclockwise motion and instead of dressing our spell candle towards ourselves from the wick to the base we would choose to dress the candle away from ourselves starting at the base of the candle and moving towards the wick making sure of course to avoid getting any flammable oil on the actual wick itself.

Step Six:

Now, take a deep breath and spend just a couple of moments focusing your mind on all of the symbols and powerful sigils that you chose to carve into your green candle and think about what each one of them truly means to you. You want to try to focus all of your magickal energy on visualizing the wealth and any influx of cash that you desire to draw into your life.

You can even take this time to fully picture someone cutting you a check for the specific amount of money that you are casting this spell to manifest.

If you did not have an actual specific amount of money in mind for this spell, try to concentrate on a more all-purpose approach by simply focusing all of your intentions and energy on managing to improve your current quality of life or financial status. This mindful practice will help to properly clarify and further intensify the intent and thus the power of your money spell.

Step Seven:

After you have completely finished applying your prosperity and abundance oils to the candle and imbuing your spell candle with your magickal energy and intentions, use a mortar and pestle to crush and mix together all of the dried bay leaves, clove spices, and cinnamon stick before sprinkling the mix out onto a small plate or shallow dish.

Now, carefully roll your freshly anointed spell candle in the herbs and spices allowing them to stick to the candle’s body all over (again, it is best to try to avoid getting anything on the actual wick during this process for fire safety purposes).

Give your fully dressed spell candle a couple of moments to allow each of these hand-selected wealth-inspired materials to merge with the candle’s wax and oils so that they may impart their unique energy and magickal properties to the power of your money spell.

Step Eight:

Place your freshly dressed green candle into its holder and set it down so that it is in front of you with your waxy inscriptions facing you. Now conjure up the feeling of being excited! – Like you just received an unexpected gift or found a dollar bill just lying there in the street. Allow yourself to feel elated as if your spell has already worked its magick and all of your money worries simply melt away.

As you focus your mind on this feeling, strike the match and light your green candle while softly speaking the following incantation:

“With this fire, I summon Nature’s forces,
Money now flows to me from hidden sources..”

Step Nine:

Leave the spell candle to burn down completely (make sure it is in a safe place and not left truly unattended) once all of the wax is melted down and the wick flickers out for good, gather up the remaining wax and place it in your purse or wallet to carry with you until your spell manifests (then bury it in the garden once spent).

How To Use Green Candle To Attract Money by The Mystic Corner

Bonus Recipe

– Quick Money Oil Blend –

  • 5x Drops of Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • 5x Drops of Patchouli
  • 2x Drops of Ginger Root Essential Oil
  • 2x Drops of Vetivert
  • 1x Drop of Orange Blossom Oil
  • About 20x Drops of Olive Oil to act as the carrier.

As you blend together all of the oils, remember to focus your energy and to visualize your magickal intent. Take a couple of deep breaths and allow yourself to take in the refreshing aroma of your magickal mixture. Pour the blend into a potion bottle or small vial, label, date, and store it in a cool, dark place.

And, well, there you have it my dears! A simple guide on how to use green candles to attract money and a couple of witchy tips on how you can boost the power of your money magick! Just try not to get discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time.

Remember, a lot of outside factors can affect our spells whether it be the timing, materials, wording, or even just our own skill level. The important thing is to keep trying!

Until Next Time!

Clear Skies & Bright Moons,
Naia Moonbrook

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